Leonore Sweet, author of How to Photograph the Paranormal, writes: Scientists are actually starting to validate what orb photographers have been saying for a decade. The Hessdalen Project in Norway is a group of physicists and engineers who have been scientifically studying balls of light for about ten years. As of 2002, these scientists have determined the lights are thermal plasmas that constantly change shape and can eject smaller light balls. They can produce light with a power of up to 100 KW. They can pulsate and blink irregularly even when they are not moving. They turn on and off constantly and their movement is jerky. The scientists dont credit them with intelligent behavior as such, but they do say they are unpredictable and highly elusive. I’d call their elusiveness some sort of intelligence.

Most important, the world-renowned physicist, David Bohm, discovered that electrons, while in the form of plasma, actually become ALIVE. Living cells must meet four requirements. They must have a boundary separating the cell from its environment, the ability to duplicate, the ability to change and grow through metabolism, and be able to communicate. Plasma and orbs meet all four requirements for life. Bohms plasma formed spheres for a short time and then disappeared. Also, scientists say thermal plasmas form energy on the outer edges which makes them visible to the camera but not to the human eye.

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