This story was received from an reader. It happened in Pennsylvania and, quite frankly, we can’t even begin to explain it. It is a remarkable story about what is probably a completely unknown natural phenomenon.

I was driving west on a 2 lane icy snow covered, country road. It was a dark,cold, full moon,clear night.
Traveling west in my lane I approached the 45 degree bend in the road, going to my right. In the distance in front of me I saw another car, traveling east, in my opposing lane.

The distance between us at this time was 500′(approx.). the eastbound car apparently hit ice as it was coming around its 45 degree bend. The driver was doing his best trying to recover his car as the car was fishtailing and sliding directly into me.

The end result was the left rear part of the oncoming car,(rear door & quarter panel), was in my lane and I was bracing for impact, when The Molecules Separated and we past through each other.
My car, left front, past through his car, left rear. As we passed each other we were close enough to see each others expressions. I also observed that time seemed non existent. Everything seemed to be very clear and focused. Slow motion was in full force.

Now this is the interesting part. I’m now 29 years into chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.
At the time of this incident I was chanting a little over a year. I was chanting as I was driving and I was into 30 minutes of a 45 minute drive during this incident. Some how I opened up something in the universe.

It was on a unique level where most people don’t know anything or nothing. To those who, as second nature have been manipulating matter & energy at will. I want to understand what I did!

This video
isn’t quite the same as the witness describes, but :57 seconds in, one truck appears to become two. There is no evidence of video tampering, and it remains one of the stranger videos on YouTube.

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  1. If you find the answer, let
    If you find the answer, let me know, because something similar, yet different, happened to me about 3 years ago.

    I was driving back from a visit with one of my providers when I came to a particularly busy intersection at US 183 and RR 620 near Cedar Park, TX. It was about 4:00 in the afternoon, and a clear, beautiful day. As I approached the intersection, I saw an EMS ambulance and a fire truck pass through the intersection with sirens blaring. They were going north on 183. I had to turn left on 183 once the light turned green and also headed north on 183. Up ahead, a couple of blocks or so, I could see the emergency lights flashing in the middle of the intersection at Lakeline and 183. As I approached, there was a big, black SUV all banged up and leaking fluids, posed sideways in the intersection. On one side was the EMS vehicle, and on the other the fire truck. As I recall, I saw NO PEOPLE in the intersection, just the vehicles. Since it apparently had just happened, the traffic had not started to back up, and I decided to take a route to get me around the intersection. I made a right turn on to Lakeline, went up about a block and made a U-turn, heading back towards 183 so that I could make another right turn and get past the accident in the intersection. In the space of maybe 3 minutes or less, I approached the intersection. There was absolutely nothing there! No, SUV, no fluids in the road, no EMS, and no fire truck! I was blown away and pretty puzzled. As I drove north on 183, I did see a fire truck ahead of me, but that was about it.

    Someone please explain this me. The best that I can come up with is that I also somehow manipulated things. I just wanted to get home and not be stuck in traffic, and I guess my wish worked!

  2. Well, Cosmic Librarian, I
    Well, Cosmic Librarian, I have driven through that intersection hundreds of times so I have a good mental image of what you’re describing. I’ll just add to the mystery. I know from personal interaction that many people in the Williamson County EMS, despite its very conservative leadership, dabble in matters magickal. You don’t suppose….

  3. Granger, that’s interesting
    Granger, that’s interesting if true. I come in contact with first responders quite a bit due to the nature of my work in outreach, and my boss’s husband works for Williamson County EMS.

    All I know is that I felt really strange when I made that quick u-turn ( If you know the place, I turned around right at that Target store and headed back to the 183 feeder road) and found that intersection totally clear of everything—there was no way that a fire truck, EMS ambulance, and a crumpled SUV could have been moved out of the way so quickly. It was like none of it had happened.

    Timeslip? The good news was NO accident and I got home without an added delay.

  4. I know 2 people who had this
    I know 2 people who had this same kind of thing happen to them, where a car on the road passed through them so there was no accident. One was a friend who told me about something like this, and he had these type of experiences all the time. (It happened in Iowa. He was a New Yorker and rather impatient on the road with the very slow drivers in a little Iowa town. Someone in front of him at a traffic light was just sitting there when it turned green, so, as he told me, he went through the car in front of him to get through the light and make a turn. He said the guy in the other car had a very aghast expression on his face when he looked back.
    The other I heard about second hand from a friend who was at a meeting and described the story to me that a friend of his described to the group. The second story, which was back in the 1970s, was that the person had a mac truck careening toward him on the road. He was in the TM movement, so he prayed to Maharishi, and a mac truck went through him. The story was entertaining because the man said that later he was in a room with Maharishi and, I guess, a lot of people. As Maharishi passed by him, he turned to him and said “next time pray to Guru Dev, he’s everywhere”. (“Guru Dev” had passed on middle of the last century.)
    I’m glad to here these stories here as it confirms the older stories for me and that this can really happen. … you know, the mind is always a bit skeptical, even with friends you trust.! You never know if the event happened only in some other dimension or actually in this one!

  5. This is fascinating. I’m 69
    This is fascinating. I’m 69 years old and have been studying the occult, paranormal, etc. for most of my adult life and have never heard of this type of thing happening. Thanks for the experiences.

  6. About twenty years ago my
    About twenty years ago my sister and I were driving south on hwy 101 from Petaluma in N. CA. the hwy on our side was two lanes at that point. I was at the wheel and it was commute time and we were in the slow lane behind an old flatbed truck. There was little room to change lanes and suddenly the exhaust system on the truck blew up sending large pieces of metal hurling directly at our windshield. It happened so fast that there was no time to avoid it hitting us.

    The strange part was I remember feeling this incredible calm like it wasn’t happening, there was no fear that I recall. We just drove on through it and my sister was very incredulous afterwards and asked how I managed to dodge the metal coming straight at us…the thing is, I didn’t. I don’t recall anything but time seeming to be so slow and keeping driving. I’m not sure if the metal chunks went around or through as it seemed impossible to avoid. The truck also kept traveling on. I didn’t feel stressed or anything afterwards, it was just as if was no big deal. A bit removed from the whole incident.

    I guess it wasn’t our time.

  7. In 1986 my father and i were
    In 1986 my father and i were traveling along a mountianous road in western N.C. . It was late December at about eight Oclock at night. The weather took a turn for the worse so we decided to find a place to pullover and sleep . The road we were on was verry curvy so we were driving slow.We pased an abandond gass station and decided to turn around and park there. It took about a half a mile to find a place we could turn around. Proceding back the way we came we looked for the gass station . Somehow we passed the station .Again we turned around to search for the station . This hapened three seprate times befor we gave up. We never found the gass station agin. It simply vanished…

  8. My daughter died in 2003. Two
    My daughter died in 2003. Two years later in another state, I was driving home from the dentist, somewhat oblivious to the traffic with a sore mouth. Then I focused on the car ahead of me. It was a little silver Chevy, her favorite car. Then suddenly the license plate caught my eye. It was an in-state vanity plate, ALIZLIZ. Her name was “Alizabeth” and she called herself Liz to friends. I tried hard to get alongside it with my car, but it stayed ahead of me and other cars were in the way. I could see the top of a head but no face in the rearview mirrors. I was fixated on the license plate. At the stoplight, the Chevy zoomed through the yellow/red signal and I had to stop. A few weeks later, still puzzled, I phoned the state Dept of Transportation to see who owned the vanity plate. Maybe I could call the owner? The agent told me that no such plate ever was registered…ever. They kept track of all names. They asked if I wanted to register that name! Was it my daughter having fun driving her favorite car, fooling around with me? I still can’t explain it, but I’m certain that cars CAN manifest themselves somehow. I did not imagine it.

  9. Sounds like a “Bewitched”
    Sounds like a “Bewitched” episode! LOL! Looks like Samantha and Endora were casting a few spells from afar! A nice break from devastating reality we all seem to get!

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