Something is very wrong in the Mutual UFO Network, a US national UFO research organization that consists mostly of volunteer members. A recent director, James Carrion, was apparently forced to resign, and now the new director, Clifford Clift, seems to be having some problems as well.

This website is not involved in any official way with MUFON, but we do think that established UFO organizations, and MUFON in particular, play an important role. What, exactly, is happening to this group is not clear, but this letter that we have received shows that something is certainly wrong.

Dear MUFON Colleague:

Last week, Leslie Varnicle, State Director of Colorado and a 41-year-member of MUFON, was fired by CLIFFORD CLIFT. Many of you have seen Leslie’s tireless work at the MUFON annual symposia. She was head of a vibrant state chapter with more than 160 members and a $20,000 kitty. She was the originator of the webinar concept in MUFON; she spent thousands of dollars of her own money for equipment for her state; she is a MUFON "Benefactor."

WHY did Clift and the MUFON Board fire Leslie Varnicle and demote this 41 year member to the status of "Journal subscriber"? No one knows! But we do know this: a whole lot of people think it was WRONG.

And Leslie is NOT only SD fired. This month the SD of Oklahoma, Marilyn Carlson, a 20-year member, resigned rather than be fired. Christine Dickey, a 15-year member and SD of Arizona, asked for a leave of absence and was fired instead. Elaine Douglass, a 25-year-member and SD of Utah, was also fired.

That makes FOUR (4) high-performing, long time, highly experienced STATE DIRECTORS arbitrarily FIRED or PUSHED OUT by the MUFON hierarchy for unknown or insufficient reasons.

In response to these, and many, many other disturbing events and trends in MUFON, a handful of us have formed "The Committee to Reform MUFON."

We are writing to you now to let you know of these outrageous firings and most important to send you the enclosed "Petition to the Board of Directors and the International Director of MUFON." We ask you to read the four points of the Petition (below), consider them carefully, and sign and return the Petition to this e-mail address in the next 3 days.

PETITION ITEM #1: Calls for a New democratic corporate structure of MUFON in which the Board of Directors will be voted upon by all members of MUFON with the rank of field investigator and above. Under MUFON’s current structure, MUFON is a 501©3 non-profit corporation with 12 members-the 12 members of the Board. These individuals appoint themselves and no one in MUFON has any say about who is on the Board or what policies they pursue. There is no accountability of the Board to the 2800 Members of MUFON.

Accordingly, Petition Item 1 calls for a new corporate document andstructure in which individuals throughout MUFON would be eligible to run for the Board, and Members of MUFON with the rank of field investigator and up could vote for each person running. As for the current members of the MUFON Board, they would be free to run for election along with everyone else.

PETITION ITEM #2: Calls for the ID to cease arbitrary personnel practices and instead develop and use due process in all personnel matters. "Due process" means procedures which are fair, thorough and transparent.

PETITION ITEM #3: Without going into detail, we know of instances where "Benefactors" – persons who contributed $1,000 to MUFON and were given Lifetime memberships – were stripped that status. The granting of a Lifetime membership is a contract which MUFON may not unilaterally renounce.

PETITION ITEM #4: Calls on the MUFON Board to do high level fund raising. High level fund raising is the prime activity of the board of any well-run non-profit. As far as we can see, the MUFON Board engages in no high level fund raising and we don’t know why. We know of three offers to help with fund raising which were turned down.

The Committee to Reform MUFON knows there are many things wrong with MUFON not captured in the Petition. For example, it has come to our attention MUFON headquarters is now reaching down into the state chapters – without the knowledge or approval of the SDs – and is investigating individuals, and appointing and firing individuals to positions in the states.

Will all the Members of MUFON sign the Petition? Probably not. However, not everyone in MUFON has to sign it for the Petition to have a major impact. Our question to you is: Will YOU sign the Petition?

Please do! Return the Petition with your name and address by replying to this email address in the next three (3) days. To sign the Petition, hit the reply button to this email and type in your name and postal address on the front of the email. When you do this, you will be adding your name to the Petition. Together let us take this step to save MUFON.

Sincerely yours,

The Committee to Reform MUFON
Elaine Douglass, Utah
Bill McNeff , Minnesota
Marilyn Carlson, Oklahoma
Marlee Spendlove , Utah

Petition from: The Members of MUFON

To: The Board of Directors of MUFON and The International Director:

1) WHEREAS the Mission of MUFON is of the utmost importance to ALL humankind, whereas MUFON is the largest and best known international ufological investigative organization, whereas the duties of the Members of MUFON require a significant commitment, the current undemocratic governance structure of MUFON is unsatisfactory as a vehicle for the expression of the aspirations of the Members.

THEREFORE, we the undersigned Members of MUFON call upon the 12 Members of the Board of Directors of MUFON to terminate the current legal corporate structure of MUFON (in which the Board is self-appointing) and replace the corporate structure with a new legal incorporation in which the Members of the Board of Directors will be chosen by vote of the Members of MUFON having the rank of Field Investigator and above.

2) WHEREAS the arbitrary dismissal of MUFON officers by the International Director is harmful to MUFON in many ways, THEREFORE we the undersigned Members of MUFON call upon the International Director to institute, publish and follow due process procedures in connection with the dismissal of any officer of MUFON having the rank of Field Investigator and above.

3) WHEREAS Life Membership in exchange for a financial contribution (Benefactor status) represents a contract between MUFON and the Member, THEREFORE the contract shall not be broken except in extremis.

4) WHEREAS MUFON cannot fulfill its mission without adequate funding, THEREFORE we the undersigned Members of MUFON call upon the Board of Directors of MUFON to pursue a program of professional-level fund-raising to obtain sources of funding among foundations, wealthy individuals and the like, with the stipulation that all sources of funding to MUFON embrace MUFON’s mission of publication and transparency of all data collected by the Members of MUFON.

Those eligible to sign this Petition include all current dues-paid Members of MUFON.

If you are a MUFON member and wish to sign the petition, contact Larry W. Bryant,

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  1. This doesn’t sound very good,
    This doesn’t sound very good, I know MUFON has had their problems over the years, there are many good people involved with this organization, but sadly there are some who are not.

    When I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and used to attend meetings it was utter chaos, the people who were running it in that area were Engineers, aerospace people and the like and many of us stopped supporting and going to meetings because we felt they were being less then honest and holding information back, it seemed like they were debunker’s. That is not to say it is like that everywhere, I have no idea what it’s like today in the Bay Area, not long before I left a man named Virgil Staff took over and he was a good guy.

    Good luck, I do think MUFON is needed.

  2. I have never found MUFON
    I have never found MUFON important or relevant.

  3. i noticed it was just women
    i noticed it was just women who were fired

  4. Over the years I’ve heard
    Over the years I’ve heard many people say that MUFON is run by government insiders, and that you can’t really trust what comes from them anyway. If thats the case, instead of this petition for change, how about all the current members that care get together and start a new non-profit and make sure it is set up the right way from the start. This will leave the 12 on their own and everyone else happy.

    Just my $0.02

  5. While this is sounding pretty
    While this is sounding pretty grim, I really never thought MUFON was quite up to par anyway. Most of the really serious investigations are done outside the group, which has had a dubious reputation for some time…

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