My recent request for the UFO phenomenon to be taken seriously by the press has come true by some incredible twist of fate. The past month has been the most dramatic in recent history with major sightings erupting over Iran, Ohio and Mexico to name but a select few.

The Iran case involves a wave of sightings over many of that countrys cities that were reported in the international press on April 16. Thousands of citizens told authorities that they had observed a UFO in the skies over northern Iran. State- run Iranian television reported the UFO wave as a legitimate news story and not as a series of freak events so too was the brief article that was picked up by news services. The case is so recent that it has yet to be fully investigated.

In Centerville Ohio this March a UFO was spotted near a power line in a residential neighborhood by several witnesses. Numerous 911 calls streamed into the Centerville Police Department from Lakeview Drive residents near Stingley Elementary School concerning explosions and electrical disruptions. This case is important because of the converging reports by callers and the account given by two eyewitnesses. The key witnesses, a couple, who asked to remain anonymous, said the object was “a disk-shaped ship about the size of a small house. I thought it was a ship attacking in the night,” the husband stated.

While the witnesses reported their observations and concerns to local authorities, according to UFO investigator Kenny Young they were not received well; neither the police nor fire department showed any interest in conducting their own investigations of the matter. However, the story was reported in the Dayton Daily News and the article said that the police were convinced that a an electrical transformer simply blew up. However, the couple claimed that they had seen an object with a “burnt polished aluminum surface” hovering near the transformer. They also told Young that the first responders saw the object as well. The article, though not well researched, was presented in a straightforward manner. Keep in mind that while ufologists know that the archives are full of cases of UFOs reported near electrical transformers, an ordinary local newspaper reporter would not have this information.

Today, the Mexican Department of Defense announced that a “high level incident” involving a military aircraft occurred on March 5, 2004. A Mexican military crew was flying a Merlin C26A over the state of Campeche performing routine surveillance operations. The aircraft was equipped with advanced detection equipment and their operations were being recorded in normal and infrared mode. The Merlin was being used to detect aircraft engaged in drug smuggling.

At about 5 PM the crew picked up an unidentified craft at 10,500 over the city of Ciudad del Carmen airspace. They suspected that it was an airplane used for smuggling and the pilot maneuvered the Merlin to get a better look at the target. As the Merlin approached the unknown craft suddenly made a rapid escape, which the crew quickly realized was beyond the capabilities of a normal drug-plane. The Merlins sophisticated tracking devices recorded the entire episode. The pilot’s transmissions to ground control were also recorded.

The UFO then returned just as suddenly as it had departed but now in a pursuit mode. It began following the Merlin. Instead of one object the equipment was now picking up two. Up to this point the crew had not actually seen the object with their own eyes, they had observed it on their RADAR and FLIR tracking systems. The pilot continued to try to maneuver into a position that would allow them to also directly see the objects. Regardless of how the pilot maneuvered the Merlin they could not make eye contact. The Merlin was in a circling pattern when the RADAR and FLIR systems detected the presence of even more UFOs.

At this point the crew noted that there were 11 objects fairly close to the surveillance plane. Before the crew could get a handle on what was happening the UFOs completely encircled the Merlin. The pilot radioed that the situation had reached RED ALERT. They still could not see the aircraft with their own eyes but their sensitive instruments continued picking up and recording the entire event.

Then the UFOs flew away just as mysteriously as they had appeared. The shaken crew returned to the base and reported the disturbing event. The Mexican Air Force conducted a top-level investigation into the incident. Unlike the U.S. military they decided to make the results known to the mass media and general public. Mexican officials should be applauded for this move. This morning, images of the UFOs were shown on CNN.

The Mexican government has decided to work with UFO witnesses, skywatchers, ufologists and the general public to get to the truth of the increasing waves of UFO sightings that has occurred over Mexican skies since 1991. The US government has taken the opposite tact by denying UFOs exist and not cooperating with witnesses or researchers.

Dreamland listeners will recall that during our recent conversation Whitley and I agreed that we are rapidly approaching the hour when the reality of UFOs will be made known to the world by the extraterrestrial intelligence behind them.

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