Exploring the reason why Whitley Strieber, Anne Strieber, William Henry, Brandon Scott, and Starfire Tor have been experiencing inter-connected and profound synchronicities and experiences that point to something extraordinary and powerful happening at the 10-16-09 through 10-18-09 Dreamland Stargate Experience in Joshua Tree.

Wed, September 16, 2009 Starfire Tor wrote:

Through Facebook I was contacted by the actress who is the voice of the cartoon Teen Titan named ‘Starfire’. The actress’s name is Hynden Walch, and although I’m aware of the ‘Starfire’ comic and cartoon character I’ve never met her or anyone involved with that branch of DC Comics. She found me after listening to our 9-05-09 Dreamland interview.

The ‘Starfire’ comic and cartoon – if you aren’t aware – is very similar to me in look and more. It’s one of those synchronicities of high strangeness that I note, but sit tight on. Naturally I wonder whether the creator of the DC Comics ‘Starfire’ was ever exposed to my work and image [see the warrior women Starfire poster of me that I sent to you]. But it’s very possible that he created ‘me’ because of other forces at work. The Matrix movies present a similar situation for me.

The levels of synchronicity on this are so great that even my mind is boggled. What I can determine is that my 9-5-09 Dreamland interview acted as an intersecting junction of multiple co-existing time lines. Translation: Some co-existing time lines have merged to create yet another dominant co-existing time. The merged dominant time line is the one in which I can write you this e-mail, with all of these synchronicities tied to the 9-05-09 Dreamland interview.

Wed, September 16, 2009 Whitley Strieber wrote:

“How fabulously interesting. Personally, I had never heard of the comic but I have just looked at the image, and it is STARTLING. You and she are the same! I found out from Wikipedia that the first Starfire comic appeared in 1980. She’s from another planet, incidentally. She escaped here. But that would NEVER happen in real life, would it?”

Now, another synchronicity. Just before getting Whitley’s email, I got off the phone with William Henry. What were we talking about? The fact that Dan Brown has used William’s work in his new novel!

In other words, within half an hour, I had conversations with BOTH Whitley and William about the precise same thing happening to them that happened to me, and all without any of us realizing, at the time, that the synchronicity was even occuring.

The Matrix is humming, for sure.

Fri, September 18, 2009 – Fri, October 9, 2009 Starfire Tor wrote:

Based on the above exchange of information and experiences, as well as other related information and experiences that happened afterward, I firmly believe that the Dreamland Stargate Experience is nothing less than a time line do over. It is a merging of events and people that should have gotten together a long time ago, but did not because of circumstances directly related to the altering of events within post Time Shift co-existing time lines. This doesn?t necessarily mean that our collective mutual event didn?t happen because we and the event were targeted, but that scenario can?t as yet be ruled out either. Anytime a time line is edited, the alterations affect everyone. It harkens to the old saying, which I paraphrase: ?Move one grain of sand on the beach and you move the world?. In our collective cases, the synchronicities are marker alerts to time line changes that ended up impacting and changing all of our paths in life ? individually and mutually.

As you know, part of my Dreamland Stargate Experience lecture focuses on explaining what synchronicities are and how they relate to my Core Matrix, Time Shift, and Co-Existing time line discoveries and research. My research revealed that synchronicities are awareness glitches in the Core Matrix co-existing time line programming. They act as time line markers, where alterations in the time line have occurred. In fact, synchronicity experiences provide an important key to the self realization that a Time Shift has occurred ? and the time line has been altered yet again. Synchronicities also act as synchronized calibration pings between the Core Matrix and the brain. Since the brain is the interface to Core Matrix time line programming, keeping the brain calibrated is essential to maintaining the ?reality? of the dominant time line.

These synchronicity calibration pings, and altered time line event markers, were not designed to be consciously realized. They were designed to run silently. Yet they are constantly being consciously realized by the populace. These synchronicity calibration pings are constantly and consciously being realized by the key speakers at the Dreamland Stargate Experience. Therefore, I?d have to say that the primary synchronicity is – in this matter – synchronicity itself.

At the Joshua Tree event, we will all be in the same location with a single goal in mind, and that is the Dreamland Stargate Experience ? with the emphasis on ?Stargate?. Although I?ve never mentioned this to you, Brandon knows that I have an ages old documented connection to the entire Science Fiction concept of a Stargate. Years before the ?Stargate? movie, I literally created a Sci-Fi/Fantasy musical in which a large round circular device is used as a gateway between worlds. I called this device a Stargate, and even wrote a song called ?Stargate?. By your creating the Joshua Tree event, and naming it the Dreamland Stargate Experience, the Stargate synchronicity amplifies and defines what our experience can and will include. Your October 1, 2009 journal entry ?Mind-Change Explosion Coming?? reaches back into your own life altering otherworldly experiences and asks the question: Will there be contact with the visitors while at the Dreamland Stargate Experience Joshua Tree event. William, Anne, and Brandon are tuned into the Stargate concept as well.

This coming together, in Joshua Tree, is a merging of events and people that have been affected by time line altering. The Joshua Tree event has the potential for creating personal and group time line corrections, which includes positive advancements for everyone experiencing these synchronicities. We all have our own experiences, with some of us having had mutual experiences. Joshua Tree presents a powerful opportunity to utilize the event, and the energy and mission it represents, and do something profoundly positive, pro-active, and transformative. This would be the underpinnings of the do-over I spoke about, and more about this will be revealed in Joshua Tree.

Here are how some of the inter-connected synchronicities unfolded, along with my comments.

The Language Of The Birds Whitley And Starfire?s Phantom Interview

We all know that this is the title to one of William’s books. But William may not know how his book became an odd incident connected to the first time Brandon and I were interviewed on Dreamland in the spring of 2006. The info is documented in the archives of my Inter-Dimension list, because it was a big topic of discussion after this interview.

As is usual, prior to a Strieber interview launch, the interview is promoted through the Unknown Country website. The interviews are recorded and not live. One of the written Unknown Country – Dreamland promotions, for this 2006 show, included a reference to William’s “Language of the Bird’s” and my connection to the actual language of the birds. After the interview was broadcast, some of my list members posted that they had heard Whitley and I talking about “The Language of the Birds”. However, other list members posted that no such topic was in my interview. It became an issue because I had no memory of discussing that topic at all. Neither did I have any recollection of ever having read that book. I have read other of William’s books, but not that one. Members of my list – as well as I – poured over the interview audio and wraps and there is no mention of “The Language of the Birds” in the interview.

This memory conflict was investigated, including considering that the written promotion on Unknown Country may have been an innocent mistake. That theory fell apart because of the many people who claimed to have heard ?The Language of the Birds? talked about in my interview. Helping out with this intriguing conflict of realities, you and Anne sent me a copy of William?s book. When I read it, I understood how the promotional info would have been a reflection of our interview ? if ?The Language of the Birds? had been discussed in the interview. This is an enigma I call ?co-existing time line memory conflict?. It happens when different people remember different versions of altered time lines, or when a single person has two different memories of the ?same? time line. It?s a huge Core Matrix glitch, and one that can provide documented evidence of co-existing time lines. Being able to study the differences in co-existing time lines is one of the more amazing aspects of my research.

There is something even more amazing about the co-existing time line memory conflict involving the 2006 interview. In 2009, as I write this, all of the 2006 ?Language of the Birds? key players are also key presenters at the Dreamland Stargate Experience. Profoundly interesting, to say the least.

I believe, based on the body of evidence, that there had been a dominant time line in which I had read “The Language of the Birds” prior to my first 2006 interview on Dreamland. The topic was brought up, just as some listeners have claimed. Then a Time Shift occurred, except there was a leftover artifact in the way of co-existing time line memory conflicts. Some people heard and remembered one version of the interview, and others heard a different version of the interview. It all depended on which version of the co-existing time line a person remembered. Whoever wrote “The Language of the Birds” into my Dreamland promo also retained a memory of the interview having that content. Perhaps Whitley even had this question prepared in his notes, if he made notes for questions, and these notes still exist in this dominant time line even though this dominant time line does not contain anything about ?The Language of the Birds? in my first 2006 Dreamland interview.

Whitley’s Synchronicity Experience William And Starfire As Other People?s Fictional Characters

Because of my studies of altered time lines and synchronicity, I know that it is possible for certain people to find themselves ? and their work ? mimicked in both factual and fictional mediums ?by other people. Sometimes these other mimic characters are created by people who honestly had no idea that a real role model existed. Other times these mimic characters are created by people who know that that are harvesting another person?s work and character. It?s always important to discover which is which, because the truth will reveal some very important data that is relevant to the mimicked person and events in the time line.

In my case, a fictional DC Comic Book ?Starfire? appeared one day, from seemingly out of nowhere. It was noted on my Inter-Dimension list sometime after the year 2000,. Yet there is a current time line documentation that the DC Comic Starfire character came onto the scene in 1980. I pre-date 1980. In addition, I am also a huge Superman and Batman fan, and have been since I was a child. The fictional DC Comics Starfire is involved with Batman?s Robin. This type of synchronicity scenario is typical of this type of altered time line synchronicity marker.

Whitley, you are a well known Sci-Fi and Horror genre writer. You know the Sci-Fi scene. You also have a reputation as a man who has his finger on the pulse of the planet. Unknown Country, et al, provides that clearing house and platform for you. You would think that a man in your position would at least have an idea that this long time popular Sci-Fi comic book and cartoon Starfire character existed, especially one associated with Batman and other DC Comic characters. But until I brought up Hynden Walch?s hello to me ? because of the Dreamland interview – you had no awareness that the Starfire comic book or cartoon character existed. You immediately checked it out, and discovered the DC Comic book Starfire?s 1980 beginnings. Well, the sudden manifestation of the Starfire character, into the dominant time line, is another type of co-existing time line memory conflict ? with extenuating circumstances.

I want to add that I do not believe that the DC Comic Book Starfire creator had any idea that I or my Psience and Science Fiction body of work existed, when he created his Starfire character. Of course I have many questions for him, because his creative process contains important data as to how the Core Matrix functions. Hayden Walch, the actress who voices the cartoon Starfire, had no idea that there was a real life Starfire who has eerie similarities to the character she plays. She was puzzled, to say the least. I?m pleased to say that Hynden is a lovely soul, talented actress, and intelligent person with an open mind. She even contacted the DC Comic Book Starfire character?s creator and began a dialog about this subject. I?m looking forward to meeting them both one day.

William?s mimic character situation is a little different than my mimic character situation, but only as it relates to possible awareness and intent on the part of Dan Brown. William?s books have been around longer than Dan Brown?s ?Da Vinci Code?, and his newest book “The Lost Symbol”. Considering that Dan Brown?s story ideas were ?inspired? by other people?s books and research, I?d be surprised if Dan Brown wasn?t aware of William?s work – including his interviews and lectures. I know that William?s concerns have gone public, and I sincerely hope that he uncovers and establishes the truth. I encourage Dan Brown to publicly acknowledge William?s work.

The deeper question, when it comes to mimicked characters and time line edits, is whether the manifestation of these mimicked characters represents something darker. Has either of our rightful destinies been tampered with, because of these character mimic time line edits? I believe that the answer will be ?yes?. Also, because of the inter-connected synchronicities involving all of the key speakers at the Dreamland Stargate Experience, if one person?s destiny has been tampered with because of time line edits, then most likely all of our destinies have been tampered with by this altering of various time lines. The answers should surface in Joshua Tree. Time line corrections should surface in Joshua Tree.

The Magic Castle Time Slip Anne, Whitley, Starfire, and Brandon’s Excellent Adventure In Time

This event happened in 2006 and is documented in multiple Dreamland interviews, plus reports written independently by Anne, Whitley, and myself. Brandon joined me for an in depth on site investigation of the Magic Castle Time Shift generated time slip incident..

The most important piece of this time slip event is, that without Anne?s insistence that something physically odd had happened, none of us would have remembered our experience of the time slip enigma. All of our brains would have been assimilated to accept the altered co-existing time line, as if nothing unusual had happened. Anne was the one whose brain retained the co-existing time line memory conflict. Anne remembered that she saw a woman leaving the restroom that Anne herself had just exited. The strange thing was that the woman was not seen entering the restroom. The small 2 stall restroom only has one door in an out, and Anne was standing next to it. I was on the other side of the door, in the restroom, and Whitley was keeping an eye on Anne ? and by virtue of that, the restroom door – from about 30? away on top of a staircase landing.

Anne?s insistence, that this oddity had indeed happened, caused both Whitley and me to remember what we experienced of the time slip. Because of Anne, we were able to investigate and confirm that this Time Shift generated time slip had been consciously experienced by all of us. This included the woman at the center of the time slip event, who was tracked down and interviewed. Had Anne not retained her memory, it’s safe to say that none of us would have remembered that anything unusual had happened. Anne helped us to “break the post Time Shift time line assimilation programming”, providing all of us with more clues to the many altered time lines.

The entire Magic Castle Time Shift generated time slip incident and investigation can be read on my web site, in yours and Anne?s Unknown Country journals and diaries, and in several of our Dreamland interviews over the years. This includes our recent 9-5-09 interview.

In another piece of the synchronicity puzzle put into position, Brandon is performing magic at the Dreamland Stargate Experience. We were at the Magic Castle, in the first place, to watch Brandon perform his magic on stage at The Magic Castle.

Whitley Experiences A Co-existing Time Line Conflict A Movie Out Of Time But Not Out Of Mind

You?ve talked to me ? and then told the public – about the co-existing time line memory conflict you encountered, with Anne as a supportive witness. It involved your reading out loud, from the newspaper, about a film you wanted to see. One moment the promotion was in the LA Times. The next instant, not only did the newspaper promotion vanish, but that film wasn’t even available to view yet. When that film finally did hit theatres and you saw it, you said you didn?t even like it. I wonder if the co-existing time line version was a better film.

Since this experience you?ve had more of this type of Time Shift experience, which I would expect to happen. Once a person?s brain gains a conscious awareness of Time Shifts, that brain can never again be 100% assimilated to accept that a post Time Shift time line edit is the same old time line. Because you are a writer who creates fictional worlds, I believe you have always had the ability to access info from co-existing time lines. Because you have this interface capability, you would also have been able to experience co-existing time line conflicts. In my opinion, the more co-existing time line memory conflicts a person recalls, the smarter and stronger the brain becomes. This newspaper/movie one may have been the first one you remember, but I?m sure you?ve experienced many that you don?t remember. Perhaps, as you?ve said, being around me causes people to have and remember these types of experiences. Since I?ve experienced this Time Shift awareness transformation in so many of the people I?ve spent time with, I must agree with you.

Starfire, Anne, and The Twin Case Of Mistaken Identity With Lesley Gunter From UFO Magazine

Shortly after you, Anne, and I appeared on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory on 9-9-09, Brandon discovered that someone had uploaded the show onto youtube. Your photo and Anne?s photo were correct although outdates. But instead of my photo the uploader had placed the photo of a mystery woman and identified her as Starfire Tor. When I told you about it you quickly tracked the photo, whereupon it turned out to be a photo of Lesley Gunter from UFO Magazine. The story took an even stranger turn. Lesley provided evidence that her photo had been mistaken for someone else, about a year earlier on 9-8-08. That person was Anne Strieber. Your photo was correct, in both instances. This one combines synchronicity and the swapped out identity motif.

Lesley and I both wonder what the greater meaning of this synchronicity is, that involves her photos being mistaken for both Anne and I a year apart. Lesley had nothing to do with the photo mix-up because it was other people who created the mix-up. At the very least it?s a memory marker, that the time line has been altered, and that somehow Lesley is part of a gathering and experience that was edited out.

What was lost? Did it have anything to do with the UFO and fighter jets Brandon and I experienced on 3-24-09? What about your well known UFO and ET encounters? What about the fact that Lesley writes for UFO Magazine? What about your feeling that something involving ET may happen at the Joshua Tree event? I?ll extend the ET consideration to include Time Travelers.

Whitley Strieber?s Dreamland Stargate Experience The Facilitator

More bottom lining: The genesis of the Joshua Tree experience of 10-16-09 through 10-18-09 has given us all the opportunity to uncover what has been altered and suppressed – as it relates to us individually, as a group, and with our work in the world. We have a unique opportunity to take conscious advantage of the merging of edited out time line events to potentially make right was once made wrong by these altered time lines. It pulls together the truisms that “knowledge is power” and “united we stand divided we fall”.

The Dreamland Stargate Experience is acting as a focal point for energy convergence, and you made this happen. You facilitated it. While I?m sure you had help, seen and unseen, intrinsically it was your energy and will that assured this would all come together. I?m also sure that everyone attending will have synchronicity stories of their own, on what brought them to Joshua Tree. We can all have amazing synchronicities and experiences, but unless they can be shared, understood, and utilized they will be shelved with all the other unsolved and forgotten mysteries. Not this time, and not these mysteries. Something wonderful this way comes, and we know it and are ready for the adventure in Joshua Tree at the Dreamland Stargate Experience.

Starfire Tor

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