One of our readers, who wishes to remain anonymous, wrote us concerning our September 27 news story, “Nazi Secrets Uncovered”,click here. In the story we said, “In the summer of 1944, Hirt (a Nazi doctor who did bizarre experiments on human beings) was ordered to destroy his laboratories. He didn’t manage to do it before the allies arrived, so troops found many beheaded corpses. Hirt disappeared afterwards and was later seen, along with other escaped Nazis, in Chile and in ParaguayThere are rumors that this base still exists and that there is an underground city there called New Berlin with a population of 2 million people who work on genetic engineering and space exploration. Indirect proof of this is the fact that UFOs are often be seen around the South Pole. In 1976, the Japanese saw 19 round objects there in a single sighting.”

The reader says: “I am a lawyer from Chile currently living in Florida. Last Saturday I listened to your program on Nick Cooks book “The Hunt for Zero Point, click here and found the subject of classified antigravity research and its history amazing.

“Talking of disappeared Nazis, you spoke of a place in Chile that was only recently closed down. Unfortunately, I must inform you that such place, formerly known as ‘Colonia Dignidad,’ still exists, although under a new name and corporate structure (now known as ‘Villa Baviera’). So far, the Chilean government has only succeeded in taking away the organizations tax exempt status and filing suit for tax evasion. The Germans (there) have incorporated and now carry on as private organizations.

“The entity was founded by a former SS officer, Paul Schaefer, who ran an orphanage and religious sect in former West Germany right after World War II. When indicted for child abuse, he fled to Chile, illegally taking along several hundred followers and children. In the south of Chile, he established an enclave, a true country within a country, surrounded by barbed wire. There he provided his facilities to General Pinochets regime, torturing and killing political opponents and teaching Pinochet’s secret police Nazi torture techniques. He used the slave labor of the brainwashed Germans and of poor local Chileans to build an agricultural empire, well known for the quality of its farm products. He also founded a hospital, where the poor people of the surrounding rural areas were treated for free, but were also sterilized against their will or their newborn children were taken away. Worst of all, Paul Schaefer has throughout the years systematically sexually abused hundreds of minors. In four decades, only a handful have managed to escape. One of them is Wolfgang Mueller, who today leads an active political campaign in Germany against Paul Schaefer. While Schaefer is in hiding, Villa Baviera is officially managed by his right hand, the younger and sinister Hartmut Hopp, also known as ‘Doctor Hopp.’

“This issue has for many years been a problem in German- Chilean relationships. The Chilean police have raided Colonia Dignidad several times, sometimes with hundreds of officers and police dogs, but Paul Schaefer has never been captured. The estate is enormous and has a huge underground network of tunnels with railways, some believe that are connected to Argentina, as well as numerous hidden airports and aircraft. The forests and land are covered with advanced-technology miniature cameras, infrared sensors and optical fiber. It is believed that only a very small percentage of this paraphernalia has been detected. It is believed that it would probably take satellite observation to have any chance of discovering something. Due to Paul Schaefer’s links to the Pinochet regime, he still has close connections with the military and with the police (which in Chile is militarized and depends on the Ministry of Defense), so he is always tipped off well in advance of any police incursion.

“Right now, the German government is debating whether to offer Chile material and technological assistance in order to search and hunt Paul Schaefer, since Chile has proven absolutely inept and inefficient in tracking down this monster.”

We have also discovered that there are 1,100 desaparecidos (disappeared persons) in Chile and one of them is U.S. citizen Boris Weisfeiler. A Russian-born mathematics professor at Pennsylvania State University, Weisfeiler vanished while on a hiking trip near the border between Chile and Argentina in the early part of January 1985. After a quick investigation, Chilean authorities concluded that he drowned in the Nuble River during his trip.

However, declassified U.S. documents reveal that Weisfeiler was detained by Augusto Pinochet’s soldiers, because he was suspected of being a Russian or Jewish spy, and taken to the mysterious German colony Colonia Dignidad. The documents show that the U.S. Embassy personnel did not do much to try to rescue Weisfeiler, who is the only missing U.S. citizen in Chile. As consul Jayne Kobliska said in a memo from April 1986, “The real danger in this case is that we will delay action until it is too late to either save Weisfeiler’s life or to determine the true circumstances of his death,”click here. During the second World War, only a few people knew that Hitler was really fighting a war to control the occult. Learn all about it from Unholy Alliance by Peter Levenda, click here.

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