George Filer’s Filer’s Files, for October 10, 2001.

UFO SIGHTINGS HAVE PICKED UP AGAIN IN THE US. Numerous UFOs were observed around the US on September 11, the same day as the World Trade Center attack after the grounding of all commercial aircraft. UFOs were spotted in Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, Norway, and Japan. US and Britain attack Taliban in Afghanistan.


REVERE — Logan Airport had been shut down due to trade center attack on September 11, 2001. The witness who lives nearby had observed fighter jets all day, but at 9:00 PM, he noticed a star like object in the eastern sky. He ran home to get his video camera and his father. Upon return we were greeted by four others who were also observing the UFO over Short Beach. Upon zooming in with my Sony Digital 8 handy cam. I noticed an object that appeared to hover in the sky, but through my binoculars it seemed to dance all around. There were blue and red lights that were moving all around the craft. We then witnessed a splitting of a vessel into parts. One object’s light began to move rapidly in a different pattern as if to be communicating with the other ship. One looked like fireworks, and then quickly disappeared, and reappeared to the left at a 45 degree angle. We then witnessed a triangle type formation with yet another craft. I have all sorts of video. Craft flew rapidly east and we then saw three fighter jets flying to and above these objects. Video footage played at slow motion shows intricate light patterns on one ship, with very bright lights in the center and almost force field like arcs moving from the center to the outer edges. Many witnesses stopped their vehicles to observe them.

OTIS AIR FORCE BASE — A couple of friends and I were looking at the sky September 11, 2001, for any air traffic since there was only military traffic allowed. At 10:00 PM we saw two Air Force jets in single file heading toward Otis Air Force Base in Cape Cod. They were close together and in quite a hurry. A minute later, my friend pointed out a circular object orange in color moving at an enormous rate of speed across the open sky. It seemed to zigzag and dance as if it was intelligent, and then disappeared behind some trees. I’ve never seen anything as fast as this in mid air. About ten minutes later, a similar object came across the sky again from the east to southwest with the same speed and sporadic movement, and again disappeared behind some trees. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National Reporting Center.


LYNBROOK — The witness who is the father of three kids went out for an hour to shoot off model rockets on September 2, 2001. They shot ten rockets with class B engines when the father witnessed what appeared to be the wadding out of one of the rockets at 5:35 PM. Using their binoculars, he realized the object was nothing like they had ever seen. They were roundish with a red light, but the red was not sharply defined. Then my sons witnessed the light change from one big light, to smaller lights. There were many small UFOs and two bigger ones. They seemed to hover and then move quickly in different directions. One even went in the opposite direction without slowing down. Then after ten minutes, they started to disappear. The closest one was shiny aluminum.


LANSDALE — The witness was on his deck talking to a friend on the phone on September 11, 2001, about the attacks. He saw what he thought were some unusually bright stars grouped together in the shape of a perfect triangle. I had never noticed this before. One suddenly shot across the sky that looked like a white teardrop, then it was gone. This was much too large to be a shooting star. There was no sound and no colored lights. I have never seen anything like it.

HELLERTOWN — Also on September 11, 2001, high in the northern sky two objects were seen flashing red, green, and white lights flying slowly in a circular path at 11:00 PM. Then one object moved up to about a 60-degree angle, the other one flew below the horizon. We observed it for an hour went and went to sleep thinking it must have been satellite or something and we’d look for it the next night, but it was not there. There were no airplanes flying this night because of the terrorist attacks. We heard airplanes flying over before, which drew our attention outside; these planes went in an opposite direction of the lights. We figured they were military aircraft, but these lights did not appear to be anything we had seen before, they were very slowly moving, almost stationary, about the size of a very large star. Thanks to NUFORC.

SHARON — The Herald’s Joe Pinchot reports A fireball shooting across the early night sky on Tuesday, October 2, 2001, led many residents from the southwestern part of Mercer County to call 911. Supervisor Tom Meyer said calls for what apparently was a meteor started coming in at 7:41 from the Shenango Valley. “They’ve described it as a large ball of fire with a tail,” he said. Meyer said unless the meteor hit the ground in Mercer County, there was nothing 911 could do and there were no reports of that. Meteors, commonly called shooting stars, are the streaks of light caused by dust particles from space evaporating in the earth’s atmosphere, according to NASA. The particles themselves are called meteoroids, and, if they land on earth, meteorites. Astronomer Ted Pedas of Farrell said he did not see the meteor but from its description it appeared to have been a bolide, a very large meteor that probably was seen over six or seven states. Bolides are “the size of a walnut and on up,” he said. Thanks to FarShores News. OHIO FIREBALL.

AKRON — Beacon Journal’s Carol Biliczky reports, “Everyone has an opinion about the streak of light that shot across the sky on October 2, 2001, at 7:30 PM. NASA spokesman from Glenn Research Center, David DeFelice suggests it was a bolide — a big meteor that explodes into a shower of colors as it enters the Earth’s atmosphere. BRYAN — The witness reports that, “On September 29, 2001, myself and three other people saw seven bright orange objects in the western sky just above horizon at 7:13 PM. We first noticed three objects that were vertical at several thousand feet altitude. There were two more vertical objects spaced the same distance and two more flying around them with very bright orange tails. The five that were vertical stayed in place for about seven minutes then they all disappeared. They were the size of a dime at arm’s length. Other witnesses were Jean Short, Shannon Ooten and Nick Favret all from Bryan. Thanks to Skywatch International Inc.


ROSWELL — The witness had just finished eating dinner at the Waffle House on Cobb Parkway when he began to feel a tingling sensation in his rear molar bottom tooth on September 1, 2001. He states, “I quickly paid my bill and exited the building when I noticed that the toothache was subsiding. I noticed a faint humming sound in my ear and looked up, and noticed a tight formation of five aircraft that did some remarkable things. The three that were closest to me suddenly descended from about 25,000 feet to about 500 feet. The other two craft, in the rear, simply disappeared. A bright beam began to shine down from one of them. That is when I blacked out. I woke up 30 minutes later in a farm field ten miles away. I felt refreshed and still had my receipt from the Waffle House in my pocket that showed I had left the restaurant at 1:30 AM. What happened during that 30- minute period is beyond me. I can’t remember a thing. Anyway, I found a nearby road and was lucky to find a farmhouse with a light on inside. The farmer gave me a ride back to my car. It was then that I noticed the tooth was missing. The strange thing was that there was no blood. It had completely healed over as if I had never been born with a tooth there in the first place. This is what prompted me to visit your website. Looking at my arms and legs, I notice nothing unusual except that there appears to be some kind of injection mark with a lump about the size of a pea on my left bicep. It doesn’t hurt and it seems hard. My vision seems a little blurred. In the back pocket of my jeans, I noticed a piece of paper that has a type of hieroglyphics. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC.


FORT KNOX. On Sunday, October 7, 2001, Peter Davenport called to inform me that he had just received a UFO report from witnesses who claimed to observe a UFO landing nearby. Later, the witnesses also saw the craft take off. They visited the field and found evidence of a landing. Burn marks and impressions in the ground were spotted.


COLON — On September 11, 200I, the witness and his 9-year- old son, saw a wedge shaped UFO at 10:10 PM. The boy called out when he saw the craft, and his father thinking this odd as all of the airports had been shut down. They saw a slow moving craft with randomly flashing blue, red, and white lights all along its edge. The father states, “We then ran outside to get a better view. It was moving due west. As it came parallel to our position I did an angle check by hand (a trick I learned in astronomy class) I found that it was about 30 degrees above the horizon over due south. I could not judge its distance as I realized that I was not dealing with just any standard aircraft, and these things could really be any size. I could not detect any sound coming from the craft. As it neared the western horizon I noticed that the only steady lights on the craft were the two white lights, one on each rear point. This is more proof that this type of craft exists. My theory is that they may have been interested as to why there were no other aircraft in the air over one of the busiest air traffic continents on this planet.” Thanks to NUFORC.


Bonnie M reports, “I got a telephone call at 8:40 PM of a strange light in the sky September 26, 2001. I went outside and to the northwest was a light in the sky about three times the size of a star. It was below the top of tall trees. It stayed in this position for a long time when it suddenly jumped higher in the sky. I got my binoculars and the object had green, red and white lights, which changed positions rapidly. Some of the time it looked as if it was circular with all the lights in a changing pattern. Then it seemed to jump all over and then changed into a pattern of red, white and green lights that were in single file and danced around and looked like a snake dancing in the sky. It got lower, when two airplanes flew above it. There was a definite look to the light pattern that lasted from 8:40 to 9:42 PM. It was different from anything I have seen. Thanks to Jenny Hoppe UFOWisconsin.


CRESCENT CITY — On September 4, 2001, driving home with my 8-year-old grand son the sun was setting at 7:00 PM, but it was strange because it kept getting brighter. I am 50 years old and I’ve never seen anything like this. The sun or a light got brighter in every direction we turned, like it was getting closer and closer to us. We had to hold a paper in front of our eyes to be able to see the bright orange that radiated so bright its hard to describe. Then pretty soon the bright light was gone. An hour later, we noticed there was a cloud of pink all around us just like when you’re in the fog. The bottom half was very sharp blue and on top of it was very pink. We could hardly see as it got closer so we stopped the car. The pink cloud was still there along with the four ships. These were not airplanes or vapor. They angled down and two looked a little smaller with a design of some kind. They turned right and we expected them to land. Fifteen minutes later, when I got to my house they were gone but we were very scared by the experience. Thanks to NUFORC.

BOLINGBROOK — On September 11, 2001, the area had lost electrical power so the two families were outside and eight witnesses spotted two flashing lights traveling north side by side at 7:30 PM. After a few minutes they disappeared, but within a couple minutes the lights began flashing again near where they were first seen. The flashing lights were traveling south, but would turn around and travel north. Sometimes they faded to a red glow. This had gone on for over an hour when I saw a steady red light traveling east much faster than any jet. Within minutes I saw a steady white light traveling southeast. My wife 2 children, neighbor and wife and his 2 children all witnessed this. (NUFORC Note: The lights may have been navigation lights on military aircraft patrolling the skies over the U. S. PD)


ASH GROVE at about 10:00 PM I went out in the front yard on September 11, 2001, and noticed a light at about 20 degrees above the horizon. It was climbing at a high rate of speed, then descended, and did ALL KINDS of loops, back and forth from left to right, and hovered. I can see it out my window as I type this. It’s a dot in the sky, slightly brighter then a star with an occasional red flash. Ira still going in circles, up and down, and all different directions. Its now 10:47 PM and its still there. All air traffic is grounded. Nothing we have could do this. They’re too fast with right angle turns. Thanks to NUFORC.


OMAHA — On September 21, 2001, the witness was driving down 84th street and noticed a metallic object in the sky near Offutt Air Force Base about 8 miles away at 2,000 feet in altitude. At first, he thought it was an “American Airlines” aircraft on approach to Epply Air Field. However, the object was not flying a normal approach. At 2:30 PM, the object appeared to be hovering which peaked my attention, so I drove to a higher elevation in town. As I drove closer the object descended and disappeared from view. I don’t believe it was a normal jet; even a Harrier aircraft does not begin a descent from that altitude.


WOODWARD — On September 19, 2001, the witness was changing the price signs on the gas pumps at the travel center when he saw a huge silvery flying triangle. It was traveling at an impossibly fast speed going east at 9:30 AM. It stopped in midair, without slowing, became invisible for a couple seconds, and then sped off west. It stopped again, without slowing, then dropped straight down out of the sky then became invisible once more. Following this, I heard a very loud sonic boom and the roar of a jet, but did not see a jet. A short time after that, I heard two more sonic booms. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC.


OSLO — On September 25, 2001, police in Helgeland, north central Norway, had been getting a rash of UFO sightings, while a woman in the northern town of Bod insists a small flying object landed in her garden. Further investigation reveals that a car traveling with a laser light system may have confused witnesses. Thanks to Frode Stran and Gerry FarShores at


KYOTO STATION — On 22nd September, several strange objects flying in formation over the Kyoto JR Station Building were seen by at least 20 people. At the time, Jun-ichi Kato, a leader of OUR-J (the Organization of UFO Research Japan), was with a member, Tomokatsu Terayama and other several members gathering for the regular skywatch meeting. Terayama initially spotted these UFOs at the northeast sky around 12:10. Kato and other meeting members verified the objects flying in some formation, and Kato and Terayama succeeded in photographing the UFOs. The eyewitnesses were not only OUR-J members, but some tourists and the local residents. Seven objects were flying and changing formation and each looked like it transformed from a round to an oblong shape. Those observing the UFOs with their binoculars said that these objects looked different from any conventional objects. They suddenly changed direction to WSW and disappeared.

URAWA — An orange sphere was seen on September 23, 2001, around 16:35, over the OUR-J branch group’s skywatch meeting in Urawa city (near Tokyo). At first, a member, Mayumi Ikeda (Ms) spotted this UFO about 20 minutes after the meeting was started. The object was hovering over their heads for a minute or two and slowly moved to the south, and finally disappeared as ascending. The object was photographed by OUR-J staff, Nishikawa and the photo will be posted in the November OUR-J journal at Thanks to Toshie Nakagawa


Larry Hatch writes, “I have put up a new UFO map on the *U* Website. This one is different from the others; it is an overlay of three separate UFO wave years in the USA (1947, 1957, 1973) layered as separate colored sightings-dots. Each of those waves taken separately seems to favor certain US regions over others. What seems new, is that the three years taken together, and excluding all other years, seem to blanket the USA almost completely. Please click on: The only blank spots are where population density is sparse to non-existent, almost like some sort of plan. The same map is shown on George Filer’s website, George was kind enough to have the map image color-enhanced for clarity. Thanks to Larry Hatch. Editor’s Note: It seems unlikely that random reports would blanket the entire US unless there was a plan. Many of the sightings are near US military bases.


Jeff Challender just came out of the hospital after a serious operation (again) on his back. He needs some friendly support. Please send get well soon prayers to


NEW YORK — Disclosure presentation by Steven Greer, M.D., NYC on October 26, with Video Taped Testimony of Military, Government & Intelligence Witnesses Friday, Oct. 26, 7:30 PM: The New York Academy of Medicine, Hosack Hall, 1216 5th Ave. at 103rd St., NYC $10 Facility Fee Donation. Parking: Academy, 50 spaces free after 5:30 PM, 1st come basis; Merit Parking, 107th & Madison Ave. Doors open 6:30 PM Disclosure Video Presentation starts at 7:30 PM., Thanks to Jim Schilder Disclosure volunteer

TORONTO — Disclosure presentation by Dr. Steven Greer, Major George Filer (ret.) Commander Graham Bethune (ret.) in Toronto on Sunday, October 28 at the University of Toronto at 1:00 PM.

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