One reader writes: I have had many, many, unusual experiences during my lifetime. I am now about to tell you a story of horrora true story that has happened to me.

It was 1977, and I was living in a basement apartment in Fargo, North Dakota, with my boyfriend Paul, who attended North Dakota State University, while I worked at a place called Mexican Village as a hostess/bookkeeper. I was in the process of finding myself and still did not know what I would do with my life. The small apartment had three tiny rooms, and was one of about four units.

One day, Paul had gone on a fishing trip with friends, and I could no longer stand to bait yet another hook, after a winter of ice fishing. As I lay on my living room sofa near the window, searching the parking lot any sign of Paul’s return, I began to hear a sort of buzzing sound in my ears. It reminded me of an electrical current being turned on at a power source. Suddenly I felt overwhelming fearand then I saw why! A body appeared, walking from the kitchen room, toward me. This entity looked to be half snake, half woman, and had a huge opening where the mouth should be, while a snakelike tongue, flicked in and out of the slit. There were huge lids where the eyes were supposed to be, as if the creature did not want me to look into her eyes. I felt this creature was a female, as she wore a strange outfit, that consisted of a skirt, with some sort of unmatched top, and striped knee socks. It look as if someone who did not know human culture very well had picked out clothing from a trash bin, and put on anything that seemed to cover their strange body. She half walked, half slithered into the room. This is the only way I can explain her strange gait.

The Snake Lady, as Ill call her, sat next to me on the sofa, and seemed to be amused at my fear. I still remember the weight of her body, sitting near me. Next she began to make a sound that seemed to be a sort of song, while she proceeded to pat her so-called hands around my body, starting from the feet and moving upward, as if she was trying to squeeze something from me. It was so bizarre, as I lay there sick with horror. When she arrived at my throat, my anger alerted me to action, and I suddenly reached out and grabbed her snake tongue, and tried to jerk it out of her mouth. A look of surprise came over her face, and in that instant, she disappeared. The buzzing sound subsided, although I could still hear the swooshing of blood running through my ears, as I tried to calm myself. In the months that followed, I would sometimes awaken in the middle of the night, to see a hooded monk like figure, waving for me to follow him. I would hear the buzzing in my ears every time, as if someone had turned on an apparition that appeared in a holographic form. Many times I would tell Paul of these stories, and he always told me I dreamed all this up. Recently I spoke of this episode to a man from Australia, and he told me something very strange indeed. He said they used something called a Billy Can to squeeze the oil from fish. Could the Snake Lady have been trying to squeeze something out of me that day

Some have said that the Reptilian Creatures are trying to capture the souls of humans here on Earth. Could she have been trying to squeeze my very Soul from my body Will I ever know for sure

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