Trish and Rob MacGregor, authors of SynchroSecrets, the Synchronicity Highway and many others are frequent guests on Dreamland, and soon to be featured again. Most recently they were on discussing their book Aliens in the Backyard. Here, Trish offers her thoughts on an extraordinary astrological discovery.

From Trish:

The Mountain Astrologer is a bi-monthly magazine that features some of the most unusual articles on astrology that I’ve ever come across. In the newest edition – February/ March 2014 – there’s an article entitled A Tour of Personal-Named Asteroids by Alex Miller that is so full of jaw-dropping synchronicities that when I started reading the article, I though it had to be bogus.

In astrology the most common asteroids that are used are Chiron, Vesta, Pallas, Juno, and Ceres. Each one has a particular meaning based, in part, on mythology. But the author of this article uses something called personal-named asteroids, which I’d never heard of – and maybe I’m showing my ignorance here. The asteroid name data came from the Minor Planet Center.

The author states that of the estimated 1.9 million minor bodies in the solar system, a quarter of them have been registered, 108,000 have been numbered and their orbits computed, and more than 17,000 have been named. It used to be that asteroids were named for deities, as the first five I mentioned, with Greek or Roman mythic derivation. But as their numbers have increased dramatically since the 1800s, the deity/mythic tradition was dropped and now, asteroids are named by their discovers, with the approval of the International Astronomical Union.

So, here are the first jaw-dropping examples he gives:

“Bill Clinton has asteroid Monica opposed asteroid Hillary (with asteroids Lies and Lust also prominent). Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head when asteroids Gabriella and Gifford were in tight square to transiting Mars.

“Asteroids Osamu and George were together on the Ascendant of the chart for the first plane crash at World Trade Center 1 on 9/11, with asteroid Bush conjoining Uranus and forming a grand trine with the Moon and asteroid America.”

Even if you don’t know much about astrology, the name synchros here are astonishing. But when you add the astrological angle, they become even more so. In the example about Gabriella Giffords: a square is an aspect of friction and Mars is the planet that governs, among other things, aggression, war, violence.

In the 9-11 example: With asteroid Bush conjuncting Uranus, the planet of sudden, unexpected change, of events that shake us out of our ruts and routines (9-11 sure did that), we have the literal connection of the Bush presidency to 9-11. It happened under his watch. The fact that moon was trining asteroid America at the same moment is another literal connection. The moon symbolizes the masses, the public, and for days and weeks and months afterward, our collective attention was focused on the fallout of 9-11.

The author goes into a lot of astrological detail abut these events that I won’t include here, it’s too lengthy. The other examples he provides, though, are just as mind-boggling. Asteroids James, Holmes, and Aurora “formed eerily prominent patterns in the sky when James Holmes opened fire in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, killing 12 and wounding 58.”

The author also gives two riveting personal examples dealing with his uncle and his mother that are equally astounding. The one about his mother is rather lengthy, so here’s the shorter story about his uncle, David Miller, who passed away on March 14, 2011. “On that date, asteroids David and Miller were exactly conjuncting transiting Pluto (representing death)… Yes, sometimes it’s really that stark!”

He calls these events “celestial nomenclature synchronicities.” In other words, name synchros.

Miller concludes his article in a way that underscores just how mind-blowing his discoveries were on a personal level. “How can it be that these points – which are casually, often cavalierly, named by total strangers with no astronomical knowledge or intent and not the slightest concept of their eventual application – will emphatically resonate with people and events for whom these names are meaningful? How can celestial bodies, discovered and named long after the births of those whose lives they will impact, be retroactively inserted into their horoscopes to define relationships? And how do these asteroids continue to operate, by transit, in unfolding events within which they are significant?

“Well, when I’ve figured that out, I’ll let you know…”

After reading this article, I started searching for asteroids named Rob, Trish, or Megan…

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  1. When I first read this, I
    When I first read this, I thought ‘Wow!’, but then I started wondering more about how the naming is done? One of my main questions: When were these objects named? My guess is that most were named after the events occurred, which makes sense for objects with names like ‘Hillary’ or ‘Monica’. I started searching for information, and found the rules for naming asteroids here:

    I would have to wonder if the synchronicities also tie into who is doing the naming and why they chose the name or names that they chose. I also feel that if you have a knowledge of astrology, you could, theoretically, back engineer the names to the events and positions of the asteroids. That in itself would be a daunting task, but not out of the realm of possibility.

    At the link, be sure and read about the naming of the most recent asteroid, Bennu, and how a boy of nine came up with the name.

    “The winning entry came from Mike Puzio, a nine-year-old from North Carolina. Mike argued that the Touch-and-Go Sample Mechanism (TAGSAM) arm and solar panels on OSIRIS-REx look like the neck and wings in drawings of Bennu, which Egyptians usually depicted as a gray heron. ”

    There is no real synchronicity with this name, ‘Bennu’, because Mike obviously knows his Egyptian myths:

    However, what I do find impressive is what ‘Bennu’ symbolized to the ancient Egyptians and the Greeks. Bennu was about re-birth and creation, and it even ties into The Phoenix.

    All of the finalists for the naming of the new asteroid were children, ranging in age from 5 through 17 years of age, and were from all over the world. It moved me to see so many brilliant youngsters and their ideas for naming the asteroid, and why they chose the names they chose, as well as to what they “… want to see next in space”.

    John Hogue speaks of “enormous” changes this year and into the next few years. I know that many of us already knew or sensed that without hearing the interview, but I feel it is important to point out that he saw any kind of future for this world, especially for mankind, based on the current state of our planet. There is a future, and the dinosaurs of current religious dogma, big business, government, economics, and world politics face extinction. We can only hope that the niche will be filled with the brilliance of minds with an understanding of the past, a great appreciation for the present, and the vision to create a bright future for generations to come. I am not speaking of an aerie-faery, unrealistic, utopian future, but one filled with courage, imagination, curiosity, and a sense of wonder that is embodied by the voices of the children with the seemingly mundane task of coming up with a name for an asteroid.

  2. To find where the named
    To find where the named asteroids impact one’s own chart, or that of a friend or family member you can go to and go to the “extended chart section” and enter in the relevant data to create a birth chart (they walk you thro it) then at the bottom of the page you can call up the log of all the named asteroids with their individual numerical designations …then you can get the asteroids you select placed into the chart you have selected and voila – prepare to have your mind blown at the synchronicities you will find…if this is too complicated, ask an astrologer you trust to assist you…the Universe is divinely and magically supportive of our learning process.

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