Recently the “Out There” section posted an extraordinary video from Italy. To watch, click here.

These are the opinions of our experts.

Steve Neill is a video artist and CGI expert who has worked in Hollywood for years and is intimately familiar with all existing CGI software. After watching the video, he had the following comments:

“Volumetric environment wasnt matched at all. The UFO wasnt matched to the BKG density or haze. Its resolution was to sharp compared to the footage he shot. It was like it was sitting on top of the BKG rather than being part of it. Plus the animation was too precise.”

From documentarian Dan Drasin:

– The video appears to have been produced or sponsored by the company that runs this Torvillage resort (check out their website, The zoom-in on that Torvillage scrapbook could have been innocent, but it caught my attention. The actual producer (judging by the logo bug that comes and goes during the video) might have been, but it was posted on YouTube by someone else.

– The video is edited. It can’t possibly be raw, partly because some scenes intuitively seem too short… but mainly because it has some fast-motion sequences in it, which would have had to be done in post. It could certainly have been shot and edited to look more or less like a home movie. Note the scenes that prominently feature the various aspects of this rustic little resort…. and of course, the latter shots feature the magnificent mountain environment. Conveniently, the UFOs disappear in the direction of what is probably the most spectacular view from that property.

– The shot where the woman first points out the UFO feels a wee bit like a setup. When she first notices the orb, it’s (arguably) right beneath the sun and not very bright. How did she happen to notice it (A sudden movement, perhaps Or maybe it was further over to the right when she first spotted it. Of course, the sun itself would have appeared smaller and more clearly defined in real life than it did in this video.)

– The audio seems to have been manipulated in several minor ways. A typical home-video camera would be recording audio at full volume at all times. Yet the beginning indoor shots are almost inaudible. The wind noise in the camera’s microphone SEEMS legitimate except at the very end, where it sounds to me like someone intentionally breathing closely into a microphone — you can even hear a possible inbreath.

– At about 1:45, where the camera is just coming into focus, the anomalous light seems to be tracking with the CAMERA (not the terrain) for a few moments. IMHO, this could be one of two things: A lens flare phenomenon partly due to the *extremely* bright light, or the CGI tracking algorithm failing to pick up on the actual movement of the terrain because it was out of focus. (Steve — what do you think)

– The behavior of these glowing orbs is certainly something that’s been described many times by others, so it’s neither here nor there.

That’s all I can think of for now, guys.

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