William Henrys Eye on Symbols #1 July 4, 2005


On August 30, 2004 the GOP convention convened in New York City. President George W. Bush accepted the Republican nomination for a second term with a lofty speech casting his reelection as crucial to the spread of democracy across the world and to the security of Americans at home.

The choice of the city was symbolic after 9/11. The choice of the presidents stage was symbolic too. In preparation for the presidents speech the throng of supporters on the convention floor was parted. The sea of people surrounded a red carpet c. Inside the “C” was a platform formed of concentric rings. Painted upon its flat surface was the Seal of the President of the United States. A long blue plank extended from the concentric rings.

Suddenly, George W. Bush appeared. He strutted to the podium in the middle of the Great Seal and began his speech. It was a heckuva sight. Bizarre even. Masterful stagecraft courtesy of the Presidents advisors.

Little did any one notice that when the president gave his speech he was standing in the Seal of Atlantis combined with the early Christian symbol of the Messiah.

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