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During my last conversation with Whitley on his program in February of this year, we talked extensively about earthquakes and the likelihood that they will continue until 2012. As I have written in previous articles, which were published on this web site, Ive been predicting a steep rise in natural disasters (2004-2012). I went public with my findings in two articles that appeared in Atlantis Rising last year.

My forecast is based upon a number of factors including the June transit of Venus and the fact that the Maya predicted that this age would end in rising earthquakes in 2012. In truth, the forecast model is complex but I will attempt to describe it as simply as possible by using an illustration.

We know that sunspots cause geomagnetic storms that generate electromagnetic disturbances on earth as. Now, we must consider the possibility that increased solar activity has many effects on our planets weather as well as the interior down to the core that trigger natural disasters.

Additionally, last year scientists released the results of a long-term study into the sunspot cycle. The findings confirmed a model that I had been working on for years concerning the real meaning of the Mayan (Suns) 5,000-year solar ages. The study showed that the sun has been more active over the past 70 YEARS than at any time in the previous 11,000 years. It would then follow that the increased solar activity over a prolonged period has built up energy and tension inside the earth and that energy is now being released in the form of earthquakes, severe storms and volcanic eruptions.

The results of the long-term study were astonishing and yet anticipated as far as I was concerned because the Maya claimed two things: 1) the sun goes through cyclical changes over a 5,000-year time period. 2) This age would end in earthquakes. A word of warning, do not confuse this prophecy with the biblical end times. I am not saying that all life is going to be wiped out and neither did the Maya. Their forecast involved a change in solar activity, which apparently would cause earth changes.

We are currently living in unprecedented times. Geologists are only starting to come out of hiding and publicly disclose what they — and this author have known for some time — natural disasters have been rising sharply since 1960. The earth entered an unstable period at that time, when sunspots peaked near 200, and we have witnessed more large-scale volcanic eruptions, more severe storms, and larger and more frequent earthquakes than at any other similar time frame in history since then.

I rang the alarm on the events that have indeed unfolded since last summer. A 9.0 earthquake is an extremely rare and catastrophic event. In fact, the last one that occurred prior to 3 months ago, took place in the same area about 6 months after the 1882 transit of Venus. That is when Mt. Krakatoa exploded. There have been extremely few such events recorded in all of human history, but now 4 have occurred since 1950.

At this point, I must confess to being very concerned about the frequency and magnitude of major and mega-quakes. We went through a period of devastating quakes, volcanic eruptions, and severe storms in Japan, Florida and other countries in the fall. Japan was hammered again last month. We have now witnessed an 8.7 and 9.0 within a three- month period along the same fault. Let us not forget that the 1906 earthquake that devastated San Francisco was a 7.9. A 9.0 is more than a hundred times more powerful than a 7.9.

The problem is that this is not the part of the sunspot cycle, which generally triggers the greatest frequency of natural disasters. We saw that from 1999-2003, we are currently in the down phase of the sunspot cycle when things are normally quieter. I have been closely monitoring the USGS web site that gives current earthquake data and literally hundreds of above 4.0 magnitude quakes have occurred over the past 3 months in the Indian Ocean region. (

While on with Whitley I mentioned that my sense was that Japan was vulnerable and a killer quake hit not long thereafter. I also raised the issue that we may be witnessing the collapse of the tectonic plates in the Indian Ocean region. Let me assure you that several hundred above 4.5 (at least 100 above 5.0 tremors) are not just aftershocks. Those tremors would be recorded as real earthquakes anywhere in the world but they are being overshadowed and under-reported due to the super-quakes.

I am watching another phenomenon unfold, the fault off the coast of Columbia and Peru, which is near the antipode of the Indian Ocean quakes, has also become very active in recent months. My concern now is that the next large quakes may strike the region from Central Mexico down to Peru, additionally Alaska and the state of Washington also appear vulnerable.

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