This event took place on August 15, 1981, and involves the use of flashlights and Morse Code to communicate with a UFO. To our knowledge, this is the only time where physical contact has resulted in an intelligible signal about the question of deity. As such, it is an important report and we are glad of the chance to preserve it in this public deposit. “Jax Beach,” referred to in the account, is the Jacksonville, Fla, beach. The name of the witness, while known to us, is kept confidential for privacy reasons.

Here is the report of the 1981 incident, as submitted to the National UFO Reporting Center on April 15, 2000 and recently brought to our attention by the witness who wrote it:

During a period of several nights, points of light moved over and under the ocean water in various formations, which were later revealed to be lights attached to solid black elliptical flying objects.

One night, I traveled with two other friends to Jax Beach to see what we would see. As we stood on the beach, we noticed what appeared to be airport runway lights extending from the shoreline approximately 1 mile north of us to the east horizon. My friends and I wondered how and why runway lights would be positioned over water to the horizon, as it really seemed nonsense. Our attention was then drawn to the lights of what appeared to be an oil tanker moving south across the ocean many miles out to sea. As the lights moved in unison along the horizon, suddenly these lights, which seemed to form the outline of a ship separated into two equal numbers and moved away from each other. With that occurrence my friends and I felt very uneasy and decided to depart. I returned on other occasions to witness other equally unexplainable lights, which moved in and out of the water.

Following those sightings, I began to send Morse Code messages from the shoreline using my car headlights. Messages such as: God is Love. I sent the simple messages over the water for several nights; when a response was sent in Morse Code by way of a red light, which moved between two white lights moving in unison near the horizon.

The response message was: God is.

Within several nights of that response, I was given the opportunity to see the UFO aircraft that generated the “lights” on two occasions. One following night, I parked my car on a beach access ramp facing the ocean and using my headlights, I sent my God is love message out over the water. Shortly, thereafter, four lights arranged in a blue-green-blue-green pattern appeared on the horizon. I stepped out of the car to get a better look and the lights began to move very quickly toward the beach where I was standing. The lights reached the waters edge at the beach and stopped. The UFOs traveled from the horizon to the shore in less than 30 seconds! At that point I observed that the craft were about the size of 737s and their shapes were elliptical and solid black with a one blue and one green light positioned on the outer edge. Their appearance was difficult to see except when heat lightning flashed in the sky behind them. The UFOs did not remain for long but this time more slowly returned to their position on the horizon. The second sighting occurred several nights later and further north of Jax Beach in an area of the beach where houses or apartments were not constructed at the time.

Again, I used my headlights to send the Morse Code message “God Is” over the water. Again lights appeared on the horizon and moved more slowly over the water until they were about 150 feet from the shore. That time I counted six UFOs that appeared as before. I walked down to the shore and waited for something to happen; however, I do not remember anything else occurring, except that they seemed to lose interest in me and slowly drifted out of sight over the horizon.

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