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Three Dreamland listeners have written to me about experiences that are similar to those that inspired me to write my new book "The Key." Since these reports were made before the book was distributed, it was not possible for these individuals to know how close they were to what happened to me.

A listener named Dianne writes, "In 1972, I had one of the most vivid "dreams " (it may have been an out of body experience) of my life. I went to an old house that seem to be in Russia. The part that I remember is that an old woman told me that there were some books in the attic that had information from the library of Alexandria that held ancient, forgotten wisdom that could set us free.

"One of the books that intrigued me the most was called ‘The Key.’ It had a maroon cover with goldwork on it. When I opened it, I saw ‘pictures’ instead of words. They showed me scenes of what we could do with our bodies and how to ‘radiate’ God through them. I never could remember enough to make good use of the information, but I’ve never forgotten that experience and those books. When I got your notice today [about The Key] it gave me a chill, and I sense it may contain some of that information."

The process of "radiating God" through oneself is one of the most important themes communicated by the Master of the Key, which is what I call the man with whom I had the incredible conversation in 1998 that led to the text I have published.

David Wadsworth writes, "I have just finished reading the article [in UFO Magazine] ‘Whitley Strieber and the Toronto Experience’ by Sean Casteel. I found it to be a wonderful and fascinating read, as I live in Toronto, Ontario and have had a small number of sightings myself.
"I believe in the possibility of something existing below the city here, but let me explain from the beginning. My father brought home a clipping from a local newspaper in 1979. I was six at the time, but I remember it clearly. It said that a man had lost a neighbor’s kitten while he was taking care of it. He went in search of the kitten, I presume in the evening, since he had a flashlight with him. He somehow entered a network of tunnels or caves (I can’t remember which), through a hole in a building off Parliament Street in Toronto. While walking through the area, he rounded a corner and shined his flashlight on something that resembled a monkey. The creature stood about three feet tall and had red eyes. The man claimed the creature spoke to him and said, ‘Get out.’ Of course, he ran. I don’t know why I feel this man’s story was creditable, but it has stuck with me all these years.
"The newspaper article had a sketch of what the man had seen that still lingers in my mind. My father never kept the article so I have spent hours at the Toronto library in search of it, to no avail…yet.
"This all brings me to a question—I am wondering if the hotel you stayed at in Toronto was anywhere near where this incident occurred."
I stayed in the Delta Chelsea Hotel in downtown Toronto, in room 2454. The hotel is not near Parliament Street, where the incident recounted above took place.

Our webmaster, Louis Steiner, adds this to the story above: "I very clearly remember the article in the newspaper about the creature underground in Toronto, and have related that story to others over the years, inciting one level of skepticism or another. It was in the weekend edition of a major daily though – it was in the Toronto Sunday Sun, if that man is interested in the source. It was the only paper my father read and had delivered, and I remember it quite clearly. I also believe the man didn’t enter a network of caves, but that he looked down an open sewer in the side of the curb. This is 21 years ago and I may have the details wrong – I was 15 at the time – but I’m almost certain that’s how it went. The story scared the hell out of me."
Jarrianne Sexton of San Diego writes, "I too was visited by a brilliant man, on Mother’s Day in 1988. I was extremely emotionally stressed at the time. I took a drive to Mt. Solidad in La Jolla and later to Las Jolla Cove. I sat on the edge of a high cliff, wondering if life was worth it, then walked back to my car and drove down La Jolla Blvd. There out of nowhere a man in a suit, carrying a briefcase, standing on the side of the street, held out his arm and pointed to me. The traffic was thick and I passed him by. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw him looking right at me from the road, so I stopped and he walked quickly up to me and asked, ‘May I join you?’

"I had never picked up a hitchhiker in my life before. I said, ‘If you want to.’ This person’s name was Daniel. He was well dressed, n a dark, pin-striped suit, white shirt with an open collar, and wearing black, open heeled shoes. He asked me if I’d gone to church that morning. I told him I was at Mt. Solidad, where there is a big cross on top of the mountain. I took him there, and on the way he asked if I would stop at a store. He went in and came out with grape juice and raisins. He asked me what my name was and when I told him, he asked me to repeat it several times, then said, ‘Don’t ever forget who you are.’
"I spent six hours with this man, and here are a few of the things he showed me. He could levitate, and spun in a circle about 3 feet off the ground. He could turn street lamps on. He could make the ocean waves rise 3 to 4 feet higher. He could calm a barking half wolf/half watchdog and make him heel and pet him. In his briefcase he carried a necklace and earring and told me that if I wore them, I could read people’s thoughts. I didn’t want to wear them.
"We talked about earth problems. He had many answers, but said people won’t do the right things to make the best of life and he didn’t understand why. He told me many things, but after reading that you wrote a book about a visitor, I wanted to let you know about mine, before I read your book.
"By the way, he was thin, about 5’9’’ tall, blond, blue-eyed, with a pasty white face and no tan. When we parted, he asked if I would take him to a hotel. The last time I saw him he was walking into the lobby. This was about nine o’clock at night.

"I told some people about him, but they all thought I was nuts. Sometimes I do think I’m a little stranger than other people."

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  1. A little background on the
    A little background on the area where the Delta Chelsea Hotel that Whitley encountered MotK:
    The hotel is located a five-minute walk from what is called the University Health Network, a collection of about a dozen major hospitals and educational institutions clustered on University Ave. The area also includes numerous churches, the Ontario Provincial Legislature, and Ontario Power Generation’s central headquarters. It’s a sizable energy centre, and while I worked there, none of the lot’s systems worked properly, despite constant maintenance being performed on them.
    This particular Delta Chelsea is also about 500′ from the World’s Biggest Blookstore, where Monroe Institute president Paul Rademacher says he bought the book that inspired him to join up with MI. See Marla Frees’ recent interview with Rademacher for more on that: http://tinyurl.com/27brhq3
    A link to a copy of the Tunnel Monster article that David Wadsworth and Louis Steiner are describing, as hosted by ParaResearchers:
    Parliament St is roughly a little less than one mile away from the Delta Chelsea. However, in urban distances, that’s not very close, as Whitley says in the insight article.
    For my own part, by digging through my old pay stubs I’ve discovered that I was indeed working at a location behind one of the hospitals in the University Health Network on June 5, 1998, a few hours before Whitley would have met MotK (early morning, June 6). I worked nights at Ontario Hydro’s 40 Murray St parking lot, located about 1/3 of a mile from the Delta Chelsea in question. I would have left the neighbourhood around midnight, so I wouldn’t have been nearby when the meeting itself took place, and I can’t recall anything unusual happening from that time period. My own key-like experiences can be found in the subscriber interview archive (April 16, 2010).

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