I wrote down my experiences in the first place at the request of a film producer friend who wanted a script for a sci-fi film or TV series. I said, Im not very good at making things up but I have a few true stories that people think are sci-fi! He said, Yes, I know, that’s why I asked you.

This man is a total skeptic (even though I healed his foot of gangrene three times when he was already in the hospital ready to get his toes amputated). I knew the only way he would even listen to some things was if he were reading it as a potential script. He started shaking as I read it to him and when I finished, he told me, It’s too far fetched and the special effects would cost too much! I said, But it’s a true story! He said, Yes, I know, that’s what makes it so scary.

My earliest memories are of trying to fly off of this planet. I came to believe I needed to remember how to do this before I turned aged 5 and if I went to school to learn how, then it would be too late and I would have to stay on this planet until I died of old age, and I didn’t want to do that.

At age 4, I was getting a bit desperate as my time was running out. I secretly wished to be taken to the top of a mountain so I could try jumping off. My feeble attempts at flight were to no avail. After I thudded to the ground for the third time I cried out, Why did you leave me here all by myself To my surprise, a chorus of voices replied, Because you wanted to save the world. I said, But you have made me into a little girl and no one will listen to me.

While I was still 4, some strange children came along to where my 3-year-old brother and I were playing at the back of our house. They wanted to play house and they made me the mother. The face on the cover of the Communion book reminded me of these children in the texture and color of the skin and the small nose and mouth and pointed chins, except their eyes were small and narrow. From the old-fashioned hats and coats they were wearing, I thought they must be foreigners.

The children wanted me to take them to the playground. I said, I am sorry but we are not allowed to go to the playground on our own without permission. They said, But you are the mother, its up to you. I said, But I dont know the way. They said, We will show you.

At the playground, one of the children said, Look, your brother’s running off. I called after him, Stop, where are you going He said, I am going to see that boy at the edge of the playground. He wants to tell us something. I said, We are not supposed to talk to strangers. My brother called back, Don’t be silly, he’s just a kid.

We arrived in front of the boy. He had thick blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. He said, How would you like to see what’s at the end of the rainbow It will help you to save the world. I thought, Hmmm, how does he know about that My brother said, Come on, let’s go! It’s a leprechaun and a pot of gold! We’ll be rich and you can order the leprechaun to save the world for you! I said, Youd better be telling the truth, youd better not hurt my brother. The boy replied, We do not hurt people, people hurt people. I said, I am a person and I don’t hurt people. The boy said, You haven’t been here long.

We came to a spacecraft glowing gold in the sunlight. A doorway opened and we stepped inside to the cool blue interior. A being in a white robe stepped forward and said Come, no harm will come to your brother and he will remember nothing. My brother ran off with the boy and some other beings, saying, Where’s the leprechaun and the pot of gold

I said to the being, That boy doesn’t like me and he doesn’t even know me. He replied, Do not judge him too harshly, he knows what you have to face and he worries you wont cope.

We went into a side room with curving walls. On a panel next to the wall were various carvings, including a set of small handprints just my size. I looked at the being and he nodded. I placed my hands in the carving and the wall parted. First I saw was sky and clouds, then music started playing and pictures appeared.

Then it was over and we walked back to the entrance of the ship. My brother was already standing there, his memory had been wiped clean. They were ready to wipe mine. I begged and pleaded with the being not to do it I would need my memories in order to succeed or the boy would be right and I would fail because I would not believe God wanted me to do all those things or even that God existed.

But he said it was for my own good and that I would remember when the time was right and the music and the images would help. Then he placed his hand on my head and his thumb on my forehead and the next moment my brother and I were standing outside in a flattened crop circle among plants taller than we were. I looked behind us but the spaceship was gone. It was starting to get dark. I said to my brother, Well walk straight ahead.

As we came out of the crop, a voice shouted, Freeze! A number of Air Force policemen had guns pointing at us. My brother said, Quick, hands up before they shoot and don’t forget, you only have to tell them your name, rank and serial number! A man said, God damn, it’s two little kids! Lower your weapons. Theyd thought we were criminals crawling through the field.

After this, a muppet-like creature used to come to my bedroom window. He had a big red nose and I did not like him. I would try my best to ignore him. He would say over and over, You’re going to rainy England, you’re going to take drugs, you’re going to rainy England. Finally Id say, No, I am not! He would repeat Yes you are.

Once, when I ignored him for a long time, he stuck his nose to the window and spun around until I felt sick and dizzy. He said, Do you want me to spin inside your head and take you out of here again

The summer I was 7, my nose bled every night for 3 months. The doctor said it was due to the heat but it was no hotter than any other summer. I said, Then why isn’t everyone elses nose bleeding every night

By the way, at age 12 I did move to rainy England and yes, I have taken drugs.

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As part of our new Communion Letters series, “Dell” says: “I wrote down my experiences in the first place at the request of a film producer friend who wanted a script for a sci-fi film or TV series. I said, ‘I’m not very good at making things up but I have a few true stories that people think are sci-fi!’ He said, ‘Yes, I know, that’s why I asked you.’ She tells about a remarkable day at the playground?with aliens.

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