We recently wrote about a superbug detector, which will mostly be used in hospitals, where antibiotic-resistant superbugs lurk. Maybe we should use these germ revealing wipes in hotel rooms, because it turns out that the average hotel room is horribly contaminated!

A group of researchers found that adults infected with the virus that causes of half of all colds may contaminate many objects used in daily life, leaving an the infection behind for others who follow them. The conducted their tests in hotel rooms.

Many people assume that viruses can’t live long on hard surfaces, but pediatrician Owen Hendley found out that is assumption is not true. He says, “To my surprise, in a hotel room occupied overnight by an adult with a cold, everything from television remote controls, telephones, light switches and faucets were contaminated with rhinovirus.” In order to infect an individual, germs must reach the eyes or the nose, usually by way of a person’s own fingers, after touching a contaminated surface.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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