Do you always know what direction you’re going in? Some people have implants (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), but YOU may have a magnet in your head.

These have been found in the noses of rainbow trout and the heads of birds, but no one has been able to detect enough about these natural GPS devices to be able to find out if some human beings have versions of them.

In TG Daily, Emma Woollacott quotes geophysicist Michael Winklhofer as saying, "The (magnetic) field penetrates the whole organism, so such cells could be located almost anywhere, making them hard to identify."

Animal GPS is probably composed of micrometer-sized inclusions of magnetic crystals, made of magnetite. These inclusions are coupled to the cell membrane, changing the electrical potential across the membrane when the crystals realign in response to a change in the ambient magnetic field.

Woollacott quotes Winklhofer as saying,"This explains why low-frequency magnetic fields generated by powerlines disrupt navigation relative to the geomagnetic field and may induce other physiological effects."
If we could somehow inject these into our own brains, we could throw away our paper maps and Google maps, dispense with the GPS machines in our cars and put away our iphones while we drive.

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