Psychiatrists have now discovered that, for some people, food can be a kind of drug.

According to the Archives of General Psychiatry, obesity is associated with a 25% percent increase in the risk of developing mood and anxiety disorders as well as a 25% percent decrease in likeliness for substance abuse. What does this all add up to? (besides extra pounds). It means that instead of using drugs, some people are eating food. Carbohydrates and certain foods, such as chocolate, are known to raise serotonin levels (serotonin is the body’s natural Prozac). People with depressive conditions such as bi-polar disease (once called manic-depression) are known to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol, to try to even out their moods. The rest of us may be trying to do the same thing with food.

For health food advocates, the newest trend is to eat foods raw, but not everyone agrees that this is especially nutritious. And Some people insist that eating raw food must be more natural, since our prehistoric ancestors didn’t cook. But in, Christopher Waniek writes that yes, they did: they probably roasted insects like grasshoppers and enjoyed insects and small creatures that they discovered had been cooked by forest fires.

Also, plants contain cellulose, which can be digested by cows (that have two stomachs), but not by us. Cooking breaks this down, so our bodies can access the vitamins.

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