Regarding our story on Yellowstone volcanoes getting ready to blow, a reader named “Jeffrey” writes: “Actually, the Park Department IS telling everyone about the danger and eventuality of Yellowstone exploding. I’m not sure why the news media hasn’t picked it up?And yes, the next big explosion is long overdue.” When it blows, it will devastate a wide area, causing mass evacuations.

He says, “When we took our family vacation just last summer in Yellowstone, there was tons of info about it?A few years ago there was a quake that damaged the old Yellowstone Lodge and caused Old Faithful not to be faithful anymore. Around September, there were seismic disturbances under Lake Yellowstone that were bigger than ever recorded. The slowly-bulging dome under the lake is no longer slowly bulging. It’s getting scary.

“There seems to be no record of any events in the past that reduced the pressure. It’s as if it has always been all-or-nothing. The ash that falls on Denver when it blows will between 5 inches and 5 feet high. This is how much ash the geological record shows tends to fall here. I’m not sure how much of a problem this will cause us?it depends on how fast it falls. The highways will probably be clogged with refugees. Laramie, Wyoming is likely to have deaths related to the blast. That’s about where the kill radius is. People who were already ailing from respiratory diseases could die clear out to Pueblo. Jackson Hole is going to disappear. I don’t know how many people will die, but it is the biggest population that will be affected.

“If we’re lucky, there will be at least a full day of geologic warning before Yellowstone blows, but I doubt it. There won’t be any drinkable water. Our filtration plants won’t be able to handle several feet of ash. We only have a few days of subterranean water storage. Add a few more days for scrounging liquids from stores and you could stretch survival in Denver to a week.”

Natural disasters have changed civilizations in the past?is it about to happen here?

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