There are mysterious forces agitating deep beneath Yellowstone National Park, sending up geysers of water in unexpected places. Much of the park is actually a dormant volcano, but it may not be dormant for much longer.

Bjorn Carey writes in that in the past 10 years, this volcano has risen almost 5 inches, which indicates that molten rock is flowing deep under the earth. This leads to vent holes, which sent out smoke, gas and water. Some of the water geysers in the park, such as the one called the Steamboat, are the largest geysers in the world.

In order to avoid panic, the government is playing this down. Geophysicist Charles Wicks says, “This is probably an ongoing feature in Yellowstone. We’ve only been able to study it like this for 10 years, so we’re still not sure what’s normal and what’s not. But there’s no evidence yet to suspect an eruption.”

The last time the Yellowstone volcano erupted was over 600,000 years ago. Someday?but scientists don’t know when?it will explode again as a super volcano, destroying life in a radius of hundreds of miles.

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