The Casper (WY) Star Tribune reports that there’s a 100-foot-high bulge in the bottom of Yellowstone Lake that’s getting ready to explode. The bulge, about 2,100 feet long, formed within the last few years, and the lake’s water is getting hotter. An explosion would create 10-foot waves and shoot out rocks and poisonous gas. U.S. Geological Survey scientist Lisa Morgan has been using sonar to map the lake bottom. The water temperature 60 feet down is now around 85 degrees, while the lake usually stays around 66 degrees. Morgan says, ”We’re thinking this structure could be a precursor to a hydrothermal explosive event. But we don’t think this is a volcano.” Volcanoes in the area once shot debris all the way across North America.

Volcanic debris has been a major cause of climate change in the past.

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