At 5:38 AM EST an X-Class solar flare erupted near sunspot 9632. A radiation storm is now in progress, and is intensifying. Some radio blackouts are possible.

The flare also emitted a very large Coronal Mass Ejection into space. This CME will pass earth on Tuesday or Wednesday, and is likely to trigger magnetic storms.

Radio blackouts and interruption of some satellite service could result.

There is an unusually high level of sunspot activity at the present, given that the solar maximum was supposed to have dropped off by now. In addition to two major and a number of minor sunspot areas on the surface of the sun facing us, holographic imagery indicates that there is a very extensive sunspot pattern on the current backside of the sun, which will rotate into view in about ten days.

A sufficiently strong geomagnetic storm could conceivably affect US military communications to some degree.

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