In a recent press release, Michael Mandeville, author of the Phoenix Trilogyabout the prophecies of Edgar Cayce, said that he has found a strongcorrelation between the outbreak of an El Nino and the location of the poleas the earth rocks back and forth in its annual orbit. This earth movementis known as Chandler’s Wobble. The cause of these large areas of warming inthe central Pacific, that effect weather patterns in North America, has longpuzzled scientists. Mandeville poured over graphs that plotted weatherpatterns for the past 100 years and has discovered that the onset of thenext El Nino can be predicted several months in advance at least seven outof eight times.

In order to test his theory, he predicts that the next El Nino will appear”more probably than not by April 2001, if not dead certain by April 2002.”He says that “by watching the motion of the pole week by week, we will knowsometime in January 2001 if the pole has moved to the right spot for El Ninoto onset by this spring.”

Mandeville believes that if his predictions are correct, this will provethat the mysterious El Nino effect is caused by volcanic heat which risesfrom the bottoms of the oceans.

He feels that this can be a valuable tool in predicting earthquakes. In astudy of earthquakes in Japan and California, he found that increases inseismic activity strike when the Earth’s crust has wobbled over the polefrom the Pacific side into the Atlantic side. This wobbling motion forcesthe North Pacific portion of the Earth’s crust to contract slightly every 14months, resulting in an increase in nearby earthquakes. Peaks of earthquakeactivity can be correlated with a seven-year cycle in Chandler’s Wobble.

Mandeville predicts that a period of earthquake activity in the NorthPacific area will take place sometime between December 15 and February15. After that, the year 2001 should be clear of earthquakes. “Each regionis likely to have its own patterns, based on the timing of the stress itgets from the changing location of the pole during the 14 month and sevenyear cycles in the wobble,” he says.

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