As of 3:00PM EST there is no evidence that a fast-spreading fire is going to occur in lower Manhattan, however there continues to be concern that other buildings in the area may collapse. A debris mass five stories high, still burning, is all that remains of the World Trade Center. At least a dozen people jumped from the upper floors of the World Trade Center before the buildings collapsed. More than two hundred New York City firemen and other emergency service personnel are unaccounted for, in addition to an unknown number of civilians.

Due to the adverse situation in the area of the World Trade Center, an organized rescue effort cannot yet be mounted. Casualties are expected to be high.

At 10 AM this morning, the South Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed. Thirty three minutes later, the North Tower collapsed. It is believed that there have been serious casualties among emergency personnel who were inside and near the towers, and an unknown number of trapped civilians.

A large area of lower Manhattan is now choked with smoke, fire and debris, and this greatest of human constructions is gone.

Stuyvesant High School, in the immediate area, was safely evacuated before the collapse.

New York Emergency Services are struggling to recover and reorganize, with a high degree of success. Civilians in lower Manhattan have evacuated calmly.

This is the most terrible attack on the United States since the Japanese struck Pearl Harbor, and it appears likely that the number of casualties will be much higher.

US intelligence services are saying that they had no warning of these attacks.

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