As the weather turns cold, many of us dream of going to an tropical island, where we can bask in the sun. But women should be especially careful when planning such a trip, because exposure to the sun ages them FASTER than it does men.

A new laser-based technique images the deeper layers of the skin in order to view the collagen and elastin, whose degeneration causes the appearance of wrinkles and the progressive loss of skin smoothness.

When this is done, physicians are surprised to see large variations from patient to patient, and even from one part of a patient’s forearm to another. Dermatologist Johannes Koehler says, “In a healthy 35-year-old, some areas can appear like the skin of a 25-year-old, and others like that of someone who’s 50.” But one sad fact remains the same: women’s skin loses collagen at a faster rate than men’s.

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