There are bad habits that WE ALL need to break but (surprise!) women have a harder time breaking them than men do! It might help to get MAD, since researchers have discovered that anger actually helps people make better choices.

Smoking, eating fattening foods and not getting enough exercise are all lifestyle habits that can lead to poor health and cardiovascular disease?more so if you have a family history of heart disease. But researchers have found that women don?t change these habits as often as men, even when they have relatives with heart disease. Researchers think this is because women just don’t realize how much your genetic background has to do with how likely you are to get heart disease. Researcher Amit Khera warns that “women are twice as likely as men to have fatal heart attacks.”

Khera says, “It’s important that women get this message and make appropriate lifestyle changes. The earlier you make lifestyle changes, the more you decrease your risk factors for heart disease in the future.” In, Melinda Wenner reports that new research showing that anger helps decision making contradicts earlier research, which showed that anger makes people take bigger risks.

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