This is an excerpt from The G.O.D. Experiments by Gary Schwartz. Anne Strieber wrote in two of her recent diaries about her adventures with Gary Schwartz and medium Glennys MacKay, who brought us a special message from the late UFO researcher John Mack. Keep reading for wisdom from the box!

“A black box fell out of the sky and landed somewhere in the Southwest of the United States. It produced a crater of enormous proportions. The government immediately dispatched investigators to the scene. They fenced off the crater and kept everyone away, save the military and some key scientist and politicians.

“Headlines screamed, ‘What Could the Black Box Be?’ Leading researchers were asked to examine it.

“First came the physicists, and they did what physicists do: they measured the temperature of the box, bombarded it with subatomic particles, and attempted to reach a conclusion by studying its physical structure.

“But try as they might, they could make no sense out of the data they retrieved. The box remained a complete mystery.

“Next came the chemists. They did what chemists do. They measured its chemical composition and poured various liquids on it, including strong acids and bases.

“But try as they might, they could make no sense of the box, which had a chemical structure unlike any they had ever encountered. They left the site without giving any answers.

“Along came the biologists, and they did what biologists do. They searched for signs of biological life, attaching surface electrodes and measuring oxygen consumption and recording electromagnetic fields, a process similar to recording electrocardiograms and brain waves. But try as they might, they could make no sense of the signals they observed. The box, they said, did not appear to have anything measurable that looked like DNA or cells.

“Finally, a s last resort, the officials in charge of the investigation reluctantly allowed a psychologist?we shall call her Dr. Smith?to see the box. She pulled up a chair, sat down, took out a pencil and paper, and then addressed the box in a warm and friendly manner.

“She said, ‘Hi. My name is Dr. Smith and I would very much like to speak with you.’

“She paused and then gently said, ‘What?s you name?’

“And the box replied, ‘Harry.'”

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