Babies that are born in the winter are bigger and do better. They may be smarter as well, since at the age of 7, children born in the winter months have larger heads. The season when you’re born can also determine whether or not you turn out to be an optimist or a pessimist.

Roger Dobson writes in the Independent that scientists at Harvard University spent 7 years studying the development of over 20,000 children around the world, and discovered that there are large seasonal differences when it comes to size and mental ability. This is probably due to differences in the mother?s diet (more fresh fruits and vegetables are available in the months before the baby is born). It could also have something to do with maternal hormones that are stimulated by sunlight. It has been discovered that some African mothers, for instance, are more likely to deliver babies who develop schizophrenia when they move to the UK, where they are exposed to less sunlight. Starvation in the mother also tends to produce children who develop this disease in early adolescence.

You might think that winter babies would become the optimists, since they have so many advantages, but that’s not the case: it’s the summer babies who are more optimistic. Maybe being born when the weather is cold sets you up to be pessimistic for the rest of your life.

And if you want twins, be sure to eat right.

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