The Spurs, the new NBA champs, wear black and white, but the Chicago Bulls, longtime NBA winners, wore red, andpsychologists think it wasn’t just Michael Jordan who gavethis team such an edge–it was their red uniforms too.

In the U.K., psychologists tracked the success of differentteams in four Olympic sports. In the Olympics, athletes donot wear national colors, but are randomly assigned eitherred or blue. The reds regularly win more competitions thanthe blues.

In male animal mating displays in certain birds, redindicates good health, dominance and high testosteronelevels. Human competitors might experience a testosteronesurge while wearing the color, or instinctively back downwhen facing a scarlet opponent. Our eyes may even beespecially sensitive to red. Experiments have shown that redincreases energy levels in people who are wear the color orare surrounded by it.

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