Join William Henry in Santa Monica, CA on Saturday, January 10 from 11 am to 3 pm for his lecture presentation “The American Enlightenment: The Dream Realized.” The lecture will be at the Zero Point Research Center, 2834 Colorado Ave., #56, Santa Monica, CA 90404, phone (310) 828-8473. Admission to the lecture is $45, $35 for Dreamland listeners.

This presentation is based on his new DVDs, The American Rite and Morph. Long ago, says William, a plan was put in place for the creation of a place where humans could perfect and enlighten themselves and link with higher beings?and even become them. America is that place. Now is the time for the realization of the dream of the American Enlightenment. Our challenge as Americans, and for all the citizens of earth,is to illuminate and connect with the visionary, mythic and even mystical, aspects of our selves.

William will take you on a wild ride into our immediate future, where you will discover the wonderful secret this time holds for us, explore William’s investigation of the US Capitol as a holy place (a “Temple of Time”), learn how the Capitol dome encodes the secrets of transfiguration. It’s a stargate that is there for your use. He will also talk about 2012 and the Metamorphosis and Obama and the resurrection of Akhenaton?is it time for Barack-henaton?

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