It’s happened before and it may happen again: A century from now, visitors to coastal cities like Boston and New York could be valet parking their boats.

In National Geographic News, Christine Dell’Amore reports that “major cities in the northeastern US and eastern Canada are directly in the path of the greatest rise in sea level if Greenland continues to melt due to global warming.” In fact, if global warming continues, ocean levels around New York City will rise by twice as much as in other parts of the United States.

Sea levels already rose 2 feet more than predicted this summer along the East Coast. In National Geographic News, Brian Handwerk quotes Rich Edwing of NOAA as saying that this summer, for reasons unknown, “the Gulf Stream slowed down.” This lead to high tides and large breaking waves along beaches. And why did this happen? Edwing says, “We don’t have those answers.”

Will another Noah get the “rainbow sign?” Anne Strieber talks to William Henry about this (and lots of other things) on this week’s subscriber interview!

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