Due to Hurricane Irene, we’re mostly hearing about flooding in the US at the moment, but there is a drought of historic proportions going on in Texas right now. Climate change will lead to even more weather extremes in the future.

In 1998, the Master of the Key burst into Whitley Strieber’s hotel room and told him amazing things, including a warning about the upcoming climate change which has now ARRIVED. This may mean that parts of Texas will run out of drinking water–some cities may even have to be evacuated. Certainly lawn watering will be curtailed, but what about farm irrigation. Will the world run out of food?

You can rest easy about that (at least for now): a new study by an international team of scientists is refuting earlier alarmist claims that drought has induced a decline in global plant productivity during the past decade that poses a threat to global food security. New evidence from NASA satellite data contradicts these earlier findings. Predictions of trends and year-to-year variability were largely based on simulated changes in the productivity of tropical forests, especially the Amazonian rainforests. However, according to the new study, their model failed when tested against ground measurements collected in these forests.

However, we must remember that NASA is a government agency with a stake in not alarming the populace. Read all the other things that MOTKE told Whitley, along with a new foreword by him telling which of these predictions have COME TRUE, in the new edition of The Key, in bookstores NOW!

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