Will WE? – Will human beings, and the earth, survive? Lots of scientists are worried about this and are trying to figure out what to do about it.

A group of nations has come to the conclusion that human activities have already pushed the Earth system beyond three of the planet’s biophysical thresholds, with consequences that are detrimental or even catastrophic for large parts of the world. Scientists have been warning for decades that the explosion of human activity since the industrial revolution is pushing the earth’s resources and natural systems to their limits. The new data confirm that 6 billion people are capable of generating a global geophysical force the equivalent to some of the great forces of nature, just by going about their daily lives.

Researcher Sander van der Leeuw says, “On a finite planet, at some point, we will tip the vital resources we rely upon into irreversible decline if our consumption is not balanced with regenerative and sustainable activity.” Have we reached the “tipping point?”

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