Whitley Strieber’s latest journal entry asks the question: “Will Obama Mean UFO Change?” (and what kind of changes may take place BEFORE he’s sworn in?) In his Journal, Whitley moves through a brief but fascinating history of presidential knowledge of UFOs, (including some presidents who vowed to shoot them down) then outlines what can be done now to further the process of contact. As always, the entry is provocative, exciting and totally original. Among other things, he mentions that the Reagans probably had a close encounter of the third kind before Reagan was involved in politics. He outlines a three point plan of action that could enormously advance UFO knowledge with only minimal disclosure from the government. Don’t miss this exciting new journal entry from Whitley. If you love Anne’s diaries and Whitley’s journals, as well as our great radio shows, make sure they’re still here for you tomorrow! Support this site: Subscribe today!

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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