On November 4, 2002, President George W. Bush attended a Republican campaign rally at Northwest Regional Airport in Arkansas. Charles Huffer reports, “I had a chance to shake his hand. I reminded him that over two years ago he had promised me that he would finally tell us the truth about UFOs, if elected. I then asked President Bush if he intended to keep that UFO campaign promise. He looked me in the eyes and answered: ‘Yes.’ I forgot to ask when!”

Bush made his original promise to Huffer on July 28, 2000 in Springdale, Arkansas. The UFO promise was taped by ABC News and broadcast on Nightline that night, on CNN the next morning. A short interview with Huffer appeared on the front page of the Washington Post the next morning.

Huffer writes, “Nobody seems to think President Bush will keep his UFO promise. But he could have told me ‘No’ or ‘I don’t recall making that promise.’ But he did not.”

Meanwhile, UFO reports continue coming in from all over the world. In the Australian UFO Bulletin, Paul Norman reports on a series of sightings in the National Park, where up to 20 craft have been seen at one time.

He describes the UFO he saw there this way: “It was a big white glow. It went out and there was a smaller yellow one glowing. Then there were 35-40 red lights, equally spaced, above and below. Then they started vibrating horizontally. To do this there has to be some intelligence. The whole thing lasted five seconds.”

UFO researcher Steve Swanwick has visited the park every night since June and has had sightings most nights. He thinks the objects are communicating with us and says, “I’ve seen them. They’d be (4 to 5 miles) apart and one will start to signal. If you do the same (by flashing a flashlight), they will signal back.” He says that no mater how many UFOs are in the sky, there is always a larger mothership-type craft they seem to respond to. He says, “They are not any type of conventional aircraft. They can sit in the one spot for one or two hours or they can take off in one or two seconds.”

So what does the government really know about UFOs?

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