Two thousand years ago Mount Vesuvius exploded and destroyed Pompeii. Today, a larger, more deadly supervolcano called Campi Flegrei, on the other side of Naples, shows signs of getting restless. If it erupts, it could wipe out all life in Europe.

Campi Flegrei is an active four-mile-wide sunken volcano which hides beneath the seemingly placid landscape. If (when?) it erupts, it will throw hundreds of billions of cubic feet of volcanic rock up into the atmosphere, in an explosion 200 times greater than that of the Icelandic Eyjafjallajokull volcano, which grounded planes in Europe for a week and cost the world $3 billion.

In the January 3rd edition of the Daily Mail, Phil Robinson quotes volcanologist Giuseppe De Natale as saying, "The problem is that Neapolitan people are conscious of Vesuvius, but few of those who live in this area know about the caldera, or that all of this land is volcanic. Vesuvius is small compared to the caldera, and in my opinion the caldera presents a greater risk. Vesuvius is surrounded by a lot of people, but has nowhere near the population density of Naples. I live in Naples myself, and like most people here could not imagine having to abandon this land. But we have to be aware of the danger lurking beneath our feet."

We think there’s a volcano that nobody notices lurking beneath our feet (or maybe over our heads), and that’s the UFO phenomenon. People tend to either ignore it or laugh at it, but for a small group of people, it’s very real, because it’s happening to THEM. That’s why Anne Strieber has an ongoing project in which she interviews contactees about what THEIR experience has REALLY BEEN LIKE, and has posted thirteen of them so far, just for subscribers

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