Not enough sunlight exposure in pregnant women can lead to their children developing schizophrenia. Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) has also been shown to help prevent breast cancer (which would explain why there is more breast cancer among women who work the night shift. This would also explain why certain cancers have become more common today, when a greater number of people stay indoors all day.

Two new vitamin D studies show that taking vitamin D could possibly prevent up to half of the cases of breast cancer and two-thirds of the cases of colorectal cancer in the United States. Researcher Cedric Garland says, “The data were very clear, showing that individuals in the group with the lowest blood levels had the highest rates of breast cancer, and the breast cancer rates dropped as the blood levels of?vitamin D increased.” But what if you don?t get to spend much time outdoors? It?s still easy to get enough vitamin D. Garland says, ?The serum level associated with a 50% reduction in risk could be maintained by taking 2,000 international units of vitamin D3 daily plus, when the weather permits, spending 10 to 15 minutes a day in the sun.”

A larger daily dose of vitamin D can also reduce the risk of getting colorectal cancer by 50%. There is no official recommended dietary allowance for vitamin D, but an adequate dietary intake per day for most adults is currently considered to be 200 to 400 IU. Small amounts of sun exposure would also help people boost their vitamin D levels. Researcher Edward Gorham agrees that fifteen to 20 minutes per day without sunscreen is enough for the body to synthesize 10,000 IU of vitamin D with minimal risk of sunburn or skin cancer.

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