As we reported on August 1st, FBI agents have searched theapartment of former Fort Detrick scientist Steven Hatfillfor the second time, on suspicion that he may be the anthraxterrorist. So why don’t they arrest him? We think it’sbecause he can reveal that the U.S. violated the civilrights of black citizens in a country that was fighting forindependence, and we did it by using biological weapons.

Hatfill has worked closely with the military and CIA anthraxexperts and has made statements about how easy it would befor terrorists to make biological weapons. Anothersuspicious clue is that as a medical student, he lived nearGreendale Elementary School in Zimbabwe. Greendale Schoolwas the phony return address used on the anthrax letters.

Now, in the British ?New Statesman? magazine of August 5th,columnist Andrew Stephen has some shocking new informationabout Hatfill that appears to have been censored by Stephen says, ?He was brought up in Illinois butobtained medical and other doctoral degrees in what was thenRhodesia, and South Africa?He claims he worked with theSelous Scouts [an elite military unit engaged in covertactivities] and had contacts with South African intelligencetoo.? The Scouts were fighting to prevent black rebels fromtaking over the government of Rhodesia (soon to be renamedZimbabwe).

?This leads us to a compelling question,? Stephen says. ?Inhis period there (1978-80), why was there the biggestoutbreak of anthrax in modern history?among Rhodesian blacks(affecting 10,000) as they fought for independence??

Stephen goes on to say, ?Were [Hatfill] to be publiclycharged, might he have very damaging information to impartabout U.S. assistance to the Rhodesian and South Africanregimes??About offensive biological warfare programs [atFort Detrick], even though the military insists it doesdefense research only? Might he not be a veritable landmineof dangerous, damaging and embarrassing information??

If the CIA was involved in trying to prop up the whitegovernment of Rhodesia against blacks fighting forindependence and if we used anthrax as a biological weaponas early as 1978, that destroys much of ourcredibility–especially now, as we threaten Saddam Husseinand al-Qaeda about their potential use of biologicalweapons. This may be the REAL reason it?s taken so long forthe FBI to arrest the anthrax terrorist, even after theywere forced to admit, with great embarrassment, that he wasone of ?us.?

Also, why was this information reported only in the Britishpress, despite the fact that the Hatfill suspicions werereported in the U.S. media? Have our reporters become toolazy or too dependent on government favors to bother to pickup an English newsmagazine? Or has the U.S. media been censored?

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