and others DON’T – We have long wondered why some people are “chosen” to encounter the Visitors, while others?who are often in the same room, same car or even the same BED?somehow do not see them. Scientists may have solved this puzzle.

Shortly after Communion was published, a psychologist sent a questionnaire to a group of people who had communicated with us (we did not give him their addresses but sent out the questionnaire ourselves). It consisted of a list of questions, one of which was “Were you sexually abused as a child?” A statistically large percentage of these people responded to this question with “yes.”

A new study suggests that sexual abuse in early childhood permanently changes the way the brain reacts to stress. These results came from analysis of the brain tissue of adults who had committed suicide?researchers found a major genetic change in the brains of those people who had been abused as children, which affected the way people reacted to stress.

Does the stress of being abducted or “visited” cause the “crack in the cosmic egg” which allows people to SEE the Grays (or other ETs)? We can’t conclude that this is the case, but these new findings do point the way towards other research.

BBC News quotes researcher Jonathan Mill as saying, “[While] these results obviously need to be replicated, they provide a mechanism by which experiences early in life can have an effect on behavior later in adulthood.”

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