A scientist caused a storm in the atmospheric community a few years ago when he suggested that tiny airborne particles, known as aerosols, may be one of the main culprits causing climate change, having an even GREATER impact than greenhouse gases. We already know they have a bad effect on our health. The government’s current Clear Skies Initiative doesn’t clean them up, it just moves them around by allowing power plants and industries to trade them back and forth. And giant ice blocks, which are a sign of global warming, are still crashing from the sky.

Attempts to understand how tiny particles in the air influence clouds and change our weather have puzzled scientists for years. A new paper by environmentalist Ilan Koren says that cloud formation is dependent upon the presence of small amounts of aerosols, some of which are natural, such as sea salt and desert dust. These tiny particles serve as the seeds around which water vapor in the air condenses, forming tiny water droplets that rise as they release heat. As the small droplets rise, they collide and merge with larger droplets. When the droplets reach a critical size, gravity takes over, causing them to fall from the cloud in the form of rain.

Koren previously found evidence that the extra seeds planted in the atmosphere by the emission of man-made aerosols (such as pollution, forest fires, and fuel combustion) lead to more, but smaller-sized, water droplets. The formation of larger water droplets by the collision process is less efficient in this case and, therefore, there is less rain. Also, the smaller droplets weigh less, so they are lifted higher up into the atmosphere, creating larger and taller clouds that persist longer, so the weather becomes more cloudy, despite the fact that it doesn?t rain as often. But these clouds CAN make cool things locally?at least temporarily.

Meanwhile, Karyn Maughan writes in The Star that a giant ice ball that fell from the sky in South Africa, creating a small crater on the pavement, which was covered with pieces of broken ice. No one was injured.

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