Scientists are now saying that what your mother told you was true: we need to learn to trust our intuition, and that this works especially well when it comes to taking tests.

The website reports that in a recent study, “participants who made quick decisions based on intuition did better than those who gave a more thoughtful response,” and quotes researcher Li Zhaoping as saying, “This finding seems counter-intuitive. You would expect people to make more accurate decisions when given the time to look properly. Instead they performed better when given almost no time to think.” People who train students to take multiple choice tests like the SAT have long agreed that you’ll do best if you check the first answer that somehow “seems right” to you. This goes along with recent information about the scary power of subliminal messages.

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What you see is very often not the same as what’s really there. William Henry reveals the truth that’s hidden UNDERNEATH the surface.

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