In his new Journal entry, Whitley writes: ?Art called me about a month ago to tell me that Premiere was using the occasion of his retirement to cancel Dreamland. This did not surprise me?There are more than a few reasons for (Clear Channel?s) lack of support of Dreamland?The first reason is that, while the show has been popular with listeners, my approach to radio interviewing scares management because it is so different from what usually succeeds. Success comes from the simple, the shocking and the extreme, not the complex, the provocative and the moderate?[Also,] the way in which the program approached the visitors, with a calm and open-minded attitude toward both the light and dark side of the phenomenon, cannot have been appreciated by government insiders. It was about the end of the old, dark, controlling government, and the establishment of a new commonwealth of free souls, the band of human sisters and brothers who one day will venture out into God’s tremendous garden, taking with them the excellent gift that this earth is seeking to give to the universe: the soul of man.? To read Whitley?s Journal, click here.

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