There have been years of speculation about why a U.K. investigation of the death of Princess Diana in 1997 has not yet taken place. In the Independent, Terry Kirby quotes a police source in France, who has read the 6,000 page official French report on the car crash, as saying, “I can tell you she was pregnant?There was a cover-up of sorts.”

This information feeds the conspiracy theorists who claim the crash was set up by the English monarchy, who would have been embarrassed if it came out that Diana was having Dodi Fayed’s baby.

Most of the French report, compiled by French official Herve Stephan, has never been made public. Now Royal coroner Michael Burgess has announced that inquests into the deaths of Dodi and Diana will begin on January 6th. However, he doesn’t have to make his own report public, either.

Before we get too critical, we should remember that many details about the JFK assassination have still not been released to the public.

We need to know where to turn in order to protect ourselves.

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