The last shuttle flight recently touched down and we assume the astronauts got together for a farewell toast–especially since all space flights are "dry runs." But when private space enterprises take the place of the shuttle, the astronauts on those missions might change the rules, because a little red wine can prevents the ill effects of prolonged weightlessness. An ingredient in red wine called resveratrol protects against the bone density loss and insulin resistance that can be side effects of flying in space.

In, Clara Moskowitz quotes a recent research paper as saying that resveratrol "could be envisaged as a nutritional countermeasure for spaceflight but remains to be tested in humans."

Astronauts clinking glasses while floating around the space capsule–it’s a great image! But will they stay sober enough for their space walks? Maybe they’d better stick to coffee (drunk out of a beautiful Dreamland Festival mug!)

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