UPDATE: Jupiter has NEW red spot & frost melting on Pluto – Earth is not the only planet in this solar system that is experiencing increased heating and weather upheavals. Increased turbulence and storms were first seen on Jupiter over two years ago, and are continuing. Periods of heating have also been noted on Mars from time to time in the past few years, and NASA astronomer Imke de Pater call the Jovian observations a “major upheaval” that involves stunning changes in the planet’s atmosphere. The planet’s temperatures may be increasing by 15 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, frost has been spotted varporizing on Pluto. Frost was seen on the planet in the 1930s, when Pluto was first discovered. Keep reading for update.

UPDATE: A third red spot has appeared alongside its cousins?the Great Red Spot and Red Spot Jr.?in the turbulent atmosphere of Jupiter. This third red spot, which is a fraction of the size of the two, lies to the west of the Great Red Spot in the same band of clouds.

The new red spot was previously a white oval-shaped storm. The change to a red color indicates its swirling storm clouds are rising to heights like the clouds of the Great Red Spot. One possible explanation is that the red storm is so powerful it dredges material from deep beneath Jupiter’s cloud tops and lifts it to higher altitudes where solar ultraviolet radiation?via some unknown chemical reaction?produces the familiar brick color.

Red Spot Jr. first appeared in the spring of 2006. The Great Red Spot has persisted for as long as 200 to 350 years, based on early telescopic observations. If the new red spot and the Great Red Spot continue on their courses, they will encounter each other in August, and the small oval will either be absorbed or repelled from the Great Red Spot. Red Spot Jr. which lies between the two other spots, and is at a lower latitude, will pass the Great Red Spot in June.

Art credit: NASA

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