We recently told you which cities in the world are most likely to be destroyed by an asteroid impact. While congress argues about tax and spending cuts, we can now tell you which US metro region is most likely to come out of the current ECONOMIC impact relatively unscathed.

Believe it or not, despite all the Congressional wailing about budget cuts, Washington, DC is a very good place to be. Other major cities like Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle and Pittsburgh also fare well on the list–but Los Angeles, Miami and Las Vegas do not. Rochester, Minnesota, tops the list. However, College Station-Bryan, Texas, would not be so lucky.

Researchers who are using a new online tool to measure more than 360 US metros for their capacity to weather acute and chronic stresses–ranging from gradual economic decline to rapid population gains to the earthquakes and floods of climate change–rank these two regions first and last, respectively. They’ve found that, overall, Northeastern and Midwestern regions tend to be more resilient than those in the South or West, largely because these regions earn high scores for affordability, the size of their health-insured population, rates of homeownership and metropolitan stability, as measured by recent population change.

Researcher Kathryn A. Foster says, "What (this study) does tell us is that some regions are structurally more prepared than others, and thus have greater capacity to bounce back in the wake of stress."

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