In the midst of frantic Christmas shopping, here’s something you should know: A new study shows that men and women use different techniques to find their cars in crowded parking lots. Women rely more on visible landmarks (and often take huge detours while searching), while men are better at estimating distances and are thus more likely to take a direct route to the vehicle.

In the October 23rd edition of the Wall Street Journal, Ann Lukits reports that when psychologists tested 115 shoppers–59 men and 56 women–at a mall in the Netherlands, they found that 59% of women and 42% of men reported having problems retracing their cars, and that they used different search methods.

Though the difference wasn’t statistically significant, landmarks were used by 38% of women compared with 15% of men. 21% of women and 7% of men said they often took detours of up to 400 feet before finding their vehicle.

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