Since March of 2000, San Antonio resident and filmmaker Ron McPeake, has been photographing and videotaping strange orbs around his house on the north side of the city. These objects have so far defied explanation.

The record is being made with high quality digital and analog camera equipment. For the most part, the objects cannot be seen until a picture is actually taken, when they appear as a pinpoint of light reflecting the flash. They may represent a form of unknown biology that hasn’t been visible until the advent of digital photography. Of course, they may also be an undocumented effect of the use of charged-couple-display light acquisition, or even a new form of pollution.

This seems unlikely, however, as Mr. McPeake has obtained some video of the objects in motion. In general, to get video of the objects, he sets his camera up outside and leaves it unattended. Video has been made both day and night. Recently, Louisiana MUFON director Greg Avery made similar images in his office and his home.

At no time was anything seen during these filming sessions. The objects appeared coincidentally.

On September 12, 2000 Whitley Strieber, psychologist and author Constance Clear (Reaching for Reality) and Anne Strieber were invited by Mr. McPeake to his home to view his footage. At the time, some photos were taken when Clear and Strieber were in McPeake’s yard attempting to “call in” the objects. Strieber was concentrating, and believed that one was present but could see nothing.

However, pictures taken at the time reveal the presence of one of the objects. It was invisible to Clear and Strieber, who believed that they had failed. Apparently, that was not the case.

Strieber said this about the experience:”Ron McPeake is not a guru anymore than I am. But he is a searcher, curious about the meaning of the spiritual world. When I asked him what he thought these things were, he told me this, ‘I think I heard them speak to me once. It was like my own thoughts, but not my thoughts.

I think they said, ‘We have been here since the beginning of time. God exists.’ When I was in his yard, trying to commune with them, I had the feeling that they were living creatures, perhaps souls. I wonder if it isn’t going to be true that many, many people will be able to detect and record their presence soon. Maybe the dead are finding their way back.”

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