9 out of 10 people, all over the world, are right-handed. True ambidexterity occurs in less than 1% of the population. Why does the world skew to the right? Scientists still don’t know.

Things like nipples and nostrils come in pairs on the outside of our bodies, but it doesn’t work that way in the interior: The heart and spleen, for example, normally form on the body’s left side, while the liver forms on the right; each lung has a distinctly different shape. We’re asymmetrical INSIDE.

Our brain halves are different too: the left side is more logical, while the right hemisphere is more creative and intuitive (although that pattern is reversed for lefties).

In LiveScience.com, Adam Hadhazy quotes neuropsychologist David P. Carey as saying, "For a lot of actions, it’s a good idea to have the boss living in one place."

Dogs and chimps are "handed" too. Hadhazy quotes Carey as saying, "Your dog is one-pawed," said Carey. "If you force a dog to reach for a toy through an aperture, it will tend over many trials to use one paw over the other." Should leftie people only own leftie dogs?

We don’t know if Melody was right-handed or left-handed, but she was incredibly creative, so we guess she might have been a leftie, and her secret lover Beresford might have been too. Anne Strieber thought of it, Whitley wrote it, and now you can be AMONG THE FIRST to read it!

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