A computer program that predicts regional climate changereveals that that global warming won?t be as severe in thecentral United States as in other parts of the country. Thisarea includes Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Atmospheric scientist Zaitao Pan says, “The modeling showedthat warming in the United States will be stronger in winterthan summer and stronger at night than during the day, butwe found what looked to us like a ‘hole’ in the daytimewarming in summer, which was a surprise. We found that, infact, this hole already has started to develop.

“Our model tells us the future climate will have morerainfall and wetter soil, so more of the sun’s energy goesinto evaporating water than heating the air. Rainfall in thenorthern Great Plains already has increased by about 10percent over the past few decades, which is consistent withour predictions.”

This area encompasses part of the “farm belt,” which haslost much population in recent decades. It will beinteresting to see if people start moving back, once theweather becomes warmer.

Sometimes the best way to protect yourself is tofollowyour instincts.

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